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White House Walks Back Trump's 'Treasonous' Remark

It was 'tongue in cheek,' spokesman says

(Newser) - The White House says President Trump wasn't speaking seriously when he said it was "treasonous" for Democrats not to clap during his State of the Union address. He was speaking "tongue in cheek" and trying to emphasize positive changes under his leadership that all Americans should celebrate,... More »

Senate Democrat Speaks for 15 Hours Straight

Jeff Merkley spoke out about Neil Gorsuch, but didn't actually delay the vote

(Newser) - Sen. Jeff Merkley started talking on the Senate floor at about 6:50pm Tuesday and didn't yield until 10:14am Wednesday. No, it wasn't a filibuster, but the Oregon Democrat was speaking out against President Trump's Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, the Hill reports. Merkley, a longtime... More »

Sanders Gains First Endorsement by a Senator

Jeff Merkley of Oregon backs him

(Newser) - The op-ed page of the New York Times contains a first for Bernie Sanders on Wednesday: One of his fellow senators has endorsed him for president. The tribute comes from Jeff Merkley of Oregon, who praises Hillary Clinton's "remarkable record" but says that Sanders is "boldly and... More »

Reid May Go 'Nuclear' to Reform Filibuster

Senate leader considers changing rules for nominations in July

(Newser) - Those who think abuse of the filibuster has gotten out of hand in DC should keep an eye on three upcoming Obama nominations, reports Greg Sargent at the Washington Post . If Republicans use the tactic to block the president's picks to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the labor... More »

Dem Wins Oregon Senate Race

Incumbent Smith concedes in early-morning call to Merkley

(Newser) - Oregon Republican Gordon Smith has privately conceded the US Senate race this morning to his opponent, Democrat Jeff Merkley, the Oregonian reports after an excruciatingly sluggish ballot count. The final margin was within thousands of votes. Late counting of ballots from the Portland area, which is overwhelmingly liberal, put Merkley... More »

Oregon Paper Projects Dem to Win Senate Seat

Victory there gives party 57 seats, with 3 races still undecided

(Newser) - Democrat Jeff Merkley has won a tight race for the Senate in Oregon, keeping alive his party's hopes of attaining a filibuster-proof goal of 60 seats, the Portland Oregonian reports. Merkley defeated Republican incumbent Gordon Smith to give Democrats their 57th seat. Three other races are undecided and will remain... More »

10 Senate Races to Watch

Dems could pick up 8 seats; GOP could oust Landrieu in La.

(Newser) - With 35 Senate seats up for grabs Tuesday, Chris Cillizza, in the Washington Post, predicts Democrats will flip eight. Two more are close calls for the Dems, while the GOP has one hope for a pickup. Starting with the most likely:
  1. Virginia is in the bag for Mark Warner; he
... More »

GOP Senator Trumpets Obama Connection in Ad

Gordon Smith breaks new ground, but Dem is backing incumbent's Oregon foe

(Newser) - A blue-state Republican senator up for re-election this fall is showing a serious case of candidate envy in a new ad, Talking Points Memo notes. Oregonian Gordon Smith's spot goes as follows: “Who says Gordon Smith helped lead the fight for better gas mileage and a cleaner environment? Barack... More »

Senate Seats Most Likely to Flip (Only 1 to GOP)

New Dems from VA, NM, CO likely

(Newser) - The GOP's best case-scenario sees the party losing only three Senate seats this fall. Washington Post blogger Chris Cillizza runs down the races most likely to flip a vote:
  1. Mississippi: Trent Lott replacement Roger Wicker has never been elected statewide, and Barack Obama's coattails should draw in the large black
... More »

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