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Berlusconi Sought Naomi's Number

Gordon Brown's wife recounts PM's antics at state dinner

(Newser) - As if things weren't bad enough for Silvio Berlusconi, now he's got the wife of a former world leader gossiping about him: Sarah Brown, missus to former British PM Gordon Brown, has a new book out in which she recounts the randy Italian chasing around after model Naomi Campbell's phone... More »

Gordon Brown Talks Death of Child, Tony Blair

Death of daughter was 'most grief-stricken time' of British PM's life

(Newser) - In an unguarded interview, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown talks frankly about the death of his newborn daughter, his wife's strength, and the deal he made with Tony Blair over Labour Party leadership. “Nobody actually really told us for a week, it just gradually dawned on us that something... More »

Brown Answers US Health Attack on Twitter

PM, wife hit back at Republicans bashing UK's health service

(Newser) - When a few Republicans called Britain's National Health Service "evil" and "Orwellian," the UK's Twitter users erupted. The hashtag #welovetheNHS has been trending for days now, at one point crashing the site. Yesterday the campaign got a high-profile supporter: Gordon Brown, who tweeted: "NHS often makes... More »

Michelle, Daughters Slip Into London

First family visits parliament, then hits the pub

(Newser) - Barack Obama flew back to the US Sunday, but Michelle, Malia, and Sasha began a secret trip to London yesterday, reports the Daily Mail, visiting Big Ben and Parliament before tucking in for fish and chips at a traditional pub near the American embassy. Michelle also made an unofficial visit... More »

Michelle Takes Style Diplomacy to Prague

(Newser) - From sequins to argyle to matching coat-and-dress sets, Michelle Obama's unpretentious but chic style has European tongues wagging, ABC News reports. In her most-watched moment, the first lady outdid former model Carla Bruni, glowing in a black-and-poppy-printed Thakoon Panichgul coat over a stunning pink dress. The French first lady looked... More »

No 'First Wives Club' For Bruni

Carla snubs G20

(Newser) - There was a noticeable no-show at the “first wives club” meeting in London—and at the G20 in general. France's Carla Bruni, perhaps the world’s most glamorous first lady, has skipped the summit altogether, the Daily Mail reports—a move largely seen as a snub of British PM... More »

Michelle Visits Cancer Patients

First Lady will sit with JK Rowling at dinner tonight

(Newser) - Michelle Obama spent the morning visiting a cancer center in London with Sarah Brown, the Guardian reports. The trip is the first in a number of engagements the first ladies will share—including a dinner for spouses of leaders tonight at 10 Downing Street, where Michelle will be seated next... More »

Obama, Brown Push for Urgent G20 Action

President and PM want tougher bank rules to end recession

(Newser) - Barack Obama and British PM Gordon Brown today urged G20 members to “do whatever is necessary” to fix the global economic crisis, the Guardian reports. The two world leaders held a joint press conference on the eve of the G20 summit, at which Obama declared “the separation between... More »

Barack Who? Europe Really Hearts Michelle

She's being compared to much-adored Jackie O as her Europe visit nears

(Newser) - Europe's a huge fan of Obama—Michelle Obama, that is. Though hubby has thousands of fervent supporters, it's the first lady whose every move and outfit is lovingly scrutinized by adoring fans, Politico reports. The press is also swooning. "Why doesn't the UK have a Michelle Obama?" asked one... More »

Gasp! First Lady Snubs UK First Lady

(Newser) - Apparently, admiration for Michelle Obama is not universal. In a column that might just qualify as a snit, Sarah Vine of the London Times takes the first lady to task for an "uncharacteristic lapse of judgment." The awful offense? Michelle gave toy models of Marine One to the... More »

Bush London Trip Sparks Clashes

Protesters battle cops; 25 busted

(Newser) - Hundreds of anti-war demonstrators clashed with London police as they protested President Bush's visit yesterday, reports the BBC. Protesters chanted "George Bush, terrorist!" but were kept out of the president's earshot as he arrived at 10 Downing Street. More »

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