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Amazon 'Cyberbandit' Busted

Russian bragged about attacks on e-commerce sites: officials

(Newser) - If you had trouble using Amazon, eBay, or Priceline four years ago, you'll be glad to know that the guy responsible has finally been nabbed. Russian hacker Dmitry Olegovich Zubakha has been arrested in Cyprus for his role in a series of crippling denial-of-service attacks on the sites, reports... More »

How to Curb Rental Car Costs

Car-rental deals just a mouse-click away

(Newser) - With $4 gas, shrinking competition, and airport fees, finding an affordable road-trip rental can be challenging. Travel and Leisure offers these tips to curb costs.
  • Avoid airport rentals: Rent your car from downtown and avoid airport fees that add 25% to 45% to your bill.
  • Ditch the rental specifics in
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2 Stories