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'Unbelievable Mistake' in Treating Man's Lung Leads to Suit

Family of the late William Hannah suing UK hospital after lung was washed with detergent

(Newser) - A UK hospital made an "appalling" error right before a 68-year-old died there, says his daughter, and now she and her family are suing the hospital for it. William Hannah passed away in September 2017 at Salford Royal Hospital while being treated after a car accident that had left... More »

Teens, Please Stop Eating Laundry Detergent

The 'Tide Pod Challenge' is apparently real and definitely dangerous

(Newser) - Dear reader, it appears the teens are at it again. ABC News reports the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Procter & Gamble are asking young people to please not put Tide Pods in their mouths "even if meant as a joke." And Tide even enlisted an NFL... More »

An Industrial Neighborhood's Newest Residents: Blue Dogs

Local officials think their cyan-hued fur is from untreated waste in Kasadi River

(Newser) - A strange phenomenon in an Indian industrial district has put a factory on thin ice and a bunch of canines in the bathtub. A report in the Hindustan Times posted in mid-August noted that dogs with bright-blue fur had been spotted roaming in Navi Mumbai's Taloja area. After initial... More »

Detergent Company's Racist Ad Raises a Ruckus

And it's a direct ripoff of another racist ad from nearly a decade ago

(Newser) - What could possibly be offensive about an advertisement for something as mundane as laundry detergent? Plenty, it turns out—at least when it comes to this commercial for a Chinese cleaner that has earned it the label of "most racist ad of 2016" from BuzzFeed , which adds viewing it... More »

30 Kids Went Into Comas After Eating Detergent Pods

Researchers say yet more changes to packaging needed

(Newser) - In 2012 and 2013, 769 US kids were hospitalized after accidentally poisoning themselves with detergent pods, according to a study out today in Pediatrics. The accidents typically occur when children, mistaking the pods for candy or toys, ingest or burst the packets of concentrated detergent; in addition to poisoning, the... More »

Baby Dies After Eating Detergent Packet

7-month-old might be first such death in the nation

(Newser) - A Florida baby might be the first in the nation to die from ingesting a packet of laundry detergent, reports the Orlando Sentinel . The 7-month-old Kissimmee boy ate the packet after plucking it out of a laundry basket and immediately went into distress. Michael Williams died later at the hospital,... More »

Kids Think Tide Detergent Packs Are Candy

250 cases this year as company plans design change

(Newser) - Procter & Gamble plans to change the design of packaging for its miniature laundry detergent product to deter children from eating the brightly colored packets that look like candy, the company says. A rep says the company plans to create a new double-latch lid on tubs of Tide Pods "... More »

Hottest Item to Steal: Tide?

Or, maybe not...

(Newser) - The latest crime wave sweeping the nation: Tide thefts. Yes, that's Tide, as in the laundry detergent. The Daily reports it's stolen so often that some cities and stores are actually forming "special task forces" and coming up with Tide-specific security procedures to fight back. Why? Apparently... More »

People Like Going Green —but Not for Laundry

Consumers skeptical about cold-water detergents, even as they improve

(Newser) - The science behind washing laundry exclusively in cold water has come a long way in recent years, but consumers just aren't buying it—literally. The New York Times notes that sales of cold-water detergents are languishing, even though they generally measure up to their hot-water counterparts and save on... More »

Cheaper Tide Rises in Hard Times

Procter & Gamble agonizes over risky move

(Newser) - A cheaper Tide is rolling in: The recession-friendly Tide Basic drops some of the high-tech cleaning components—like anti-pilling ability—contained in the detergent’s traditional form, in exchange for a 20% lower price tag, the Wall Street Journal reports. But the decision to release the new Tide was no... More »

Suds-Smugglers Thwart Eco-Friendly Law

Residents say only outlaw high-phosphate detergents get their dishes clean enough

(Newser) - Spokane, Washington's pioneering ban on high-phosphorus dishwasher detergents has led some residents to pioneer detergent-smuggling, reports the AP.  People complaining that the eco-friendly detergents don't get their dishes as clean as the old kind regularly cross over into Idaho to stock up. Retailers near the border say their detergent... More »

Wash. State Bans Some Dishwasher Detergents

Officials worry about phosphorous runoff

(Newser) - Washington state will soon begin phasing in a ban on some big-name dishwater detergents because they contain too much phosphorus, the Bellingham Herald reports. Detergents such as Cascade and Electrasol, which contain more than 0.5% phosphorous, will be banned in Whatcom and Spokane counties July 1 and in the... More »

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