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Police Forces in 2 Countries Embrace the Hijab

Mounties, Scottish police want more Muslim women to join up

(Newser) - While cops in France crack down on burkinis , police forces in two other countries have decided to embrace the hijab. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have decided to allow female officers to wear a hijab while on duty in a bid to encourage diversity among the Mounties, the Independent reports.... More »

Bomb Threat Diverts Flight From New York

Turkish Airlines flight changes its plan

(Newser) - A Turkish Airlines passenger jet that was diverted to Canada after a bomb threat departed for Istanbul on Sunday morning. Halifax Stanfield International Airport confirmed the departure on its Twitter feed. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police say the bomb threat was received at 10:50pm local time Saturday. Flight tracking... More »

Cops: Gunman Who Killed 3 Mounties Captured

Massive manhunt over in Moncton, Canada

(Newser) - After a manhunt that lasted more than 24 hours, police say that the man believed to have shot three Canadian Mounties dead is in custody and that residents of Moncton, New Brunswick, can safely leave their homes. A police spokesman says Justin Bourque, 24, was arrested just after midnight, the... More »

City Locked Down After 3 Mounties Shot Dead

New Brunswick gunman still on the loose

(Newser) - Police in New Brunswick are hunting a gunman who killed three Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers and injured two others. Suspected shooter Justin Bourque, 24, is believed to be on the loose in the city of Moncton and residents have been told to stay in their homes and lock their... More »

Canada Busts Guy for Trying to Slip Navy Secrets to China

Contractor-turned-spy could get life

(Newser) - The Mounties have busted a man deemed a "threat to Canada" for allegedly attempting to sell secrets about the country's massive new shipbuilding program to China. Investigators say Qing Quentin Huang, a naturalized Canadian citizen, tried to pass information about the $33 billion plan to build 23 new... More »

Canadian Bus Passenger Beheaded by Seatmate

Horrified witnesses flee savage random attack

(Newser) - A "totally calm" attacker stabbed and beheaded his seatmate on a bus in Canada, the Globe & Mail reports. In an apparently random act of violence, the man suddenly stood up and slashed his sleeping victim dozens of times with a hunting knife. Terrified passengers fled as the attacker... More »

Sixth Foot to Wash Ashore Is a Hoax

Prankster in Canada put animal paw in running shoe

(Newser) - The latest severed foot to wash ashore in Canada is a hoax, the Toronto Globe and Mail reports. The sneaker found this week near Vancouver actually contained an animal paw stuffed into a sock, authorities say. An official described the prank as “reprehensible and very disrespectful to the families... More »

7 Stories