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San Francisco Considers Ban on Goldfish Sales

They're bred inhumanely, says official

(Newser) - Proposals to ban cat and dog sales are nothing new in San Francisco, but now animal control officials recommend ending the sale of goldfish, tropical fish, and guppies. Such fish are generally bred inhumanely, a member of the city's animal welfare panel tells the San Francisco Chronicle . “Most... More »

Man Springs Pup From Pound; Flees on Lawnmower

High-speed chase not an option

(Newser) - Edwin Fry loves his prized pooch. When his dog, Buddy Tough, found himself locked up in the town kennel, Fry decided to bust him out of jail. Fry could have paid the $100 fine to have his dog released, but instead, he decided to visit the pound with a pair... More »

Alligator Surfaces In NYC

What danger lurks below?

(Newser) - Hold the phone: it's not a croc; there are alligators in the New York City sewer system—at least in Queens. The alleged urban legend turned out to be the real thing when Joyce Hackett pulled over to find a group of passers-by and a cop staring, agog, at a... More »

Goose Executions Ruffle Feathers

Feds' response to Flight 1549 crash has some crying foul

(Newser) - Some see them as neighborhood pets. Others see them as freeloading flying rats who crashed Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger’s plane, and right now, this group is winning the fight over Canada geese. Federal wildlife officials have been rounding up the ubiquitous foul and gassing them to death, sparking a... More »

Baby Sea Lion Goes Up on the Roof

California man hears noises, finds visitor on 2nd-floor deck

(Newser) - A California man who heard noises outside his apartment investigated and found himself nose-to-snout with a baby sea lion—on his two-story building's roof deck. "I think, maybe this guy can be my friend?" blogged Mike Kai . "Maybe he can live in my bathtub like the 1994 classic... More »

Jaycee Dugard: I Want My Pets Back

Menagerie includes two dogs, five cats, birds

(Newser) - Jaycee Dugard wants back a group of pets she raised while in captivity in a northern California backyard, animal-control officials tell the San Francisco Chronicle. “We are very hopeful that it’s going to happen as soon as possible,” one says of the menagerie, which includes two dogs,... More »

Crazed Chimp Had Troubled History

(Newser) - Travis, the Connecticut chimpanzee who was killed after he viciously attacked his owner’s friend, had a history of violence, the AP reports. A woman says he bit her hand in a 1996 incident, and then tried to pull her into a car. Leslie Mostel-Paul says she contacted police, to... More »

Dog Tale Has Happy Ending

Vigorous chase leads to heart-melting

(Newser) - Two Philly cops engaged in an intense chase yesterday, using their cruisers and their feet as they took to the streets in pursuit of a fugitive, Inquirer columnist Jill Porter reports. The hour-long hunt ended with the apprehension of a terrified youngster and moved one of the arresting officers to... More »

Gator Caught—in Chicago?

Five-foot reptile apprehended in the Chicago River; probably a discarded pet

(Newser) - Alligator wranglers may not be the busiest of folks in metro Chicago, but they came through yesterday by yanking a 5-foot unwelcome visitor out of the Chicago River, the Tribune reports. The healthy female, probably a discarded pet, is on her way to a sanctuary in the Southeast. More »

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