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Dubai Won't Let In World's Most Pierced Man

The horned, heavily pierced German couldn't get through customs

(Newser) - The German IT worker who lays claim to the world's most piercings with 453 —most of which are on his face and genitals—is also claiming he couldn't get through customs on his way to a night club in Dubai due to officials worrying he might be... More »

Report: Hernandez Eyed in Another Murder Case

Ex-Patriots player denied bail

(Newser) - Aaron Hernandez was denied bail today, with a judge saying that the murder case against him was "circumstantial, to be sure, but very, very strong," reports. And as if that weren't bad enough, reports broke today that police are also investigating the former Patriots tight... More »

California May Extend Last Call to 4am

State lawmaker introduces bill to let bars stay open longer

(Newser) - The last call for drinks is 2am in California, but one lawmaker believes that's just too early to set down the shot glasses and beer steins. State Sen. Mark Leno's proposal to let the liquor flow until 4am as a way to draw more tourists—and with them... More »

Topless 'Daylife' Booms in Vegas

Only in Sin City can you go nightclubbing in broad daylight

(Newser) - If you're bummed about having to wait until dark to experience, you know, nightlife, get excited: Las Vegas has a booming “daylife” scene, which will surely spread to the rest of the world soon. Vegas’ many poolside clubs for the 21-plus set offer the same barely clothed cocktail waitresses,... More »

Owner Arrested in Russian Nightclub Fire

Stampede for single exit after fireworks ignited ceiling

(Newser) - Russian authorities have arrested the owner and manager of a nightclub in the industrial city of Perm where a fire killed at least 109 people and critically injured about 90 early this morning. They are said to be looking for another four suspects. "They have neither brains, nor conscience,... More »

NY's Disco Gym Is So Fab

Work out? Nah. It's got a DJ and paisley walls!

(Newser) - Madison Moore can’t stand gyms. They’re “so unfabulous,” and “nothing looks hot in that rotisserie-chicken light,” he writes on Splice Today. But what if a nightclub/gym hybrid existed? “Only in New York” could Moore find David Barton Gym, where the slogan is “... More »

Cops on Hook for Fatal Mexico Stampede

12 dead after police drug raid sparks nightclub panic

(Newser) - Mexico City has suspended the cops who triggered a nightclub stampede that left twelve dead on Friday, CNN reports. Responding to reports of alcohol and drugs sold to minors, the police sparked a riot when the raid was announced. Police made "serious errors" in the operation, Mexico City's mayor... More »

7 Stories