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Sheriff Busted Over Threat to Chop Off Worker's Hands

Grand jury indicts Pennsylvania sheriff George David

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania county sheriff threatened to cut off the hands of a political campaign worker, pulled a gun on a newspaper reporter, and then intimidated underlings and other witnesses so they wouldn't confirm the encounters to journalists and investigators, police and prosecutors said yesterday. Beaver County Sheriff George David... More »

Feds Hit Armstrong With Criminal Probe

Cyclist investigated for 'obstruction, witness tampering, and intimidation'

(Newser) - Contrary to comments yesterday by a US attorney, federal agents are investigating Lance Armstrong for criminal activity, ABC News reports. "Agents are actively investigating Armstrong for obstruction, witness tampering, and intimidation," says a source. US attorney Andre Birotte, who yesterday said feds wouldn't charge Armstrong, "does... More »

Under Italy's Mob, Toxic Trash Heaps Growing

Intimidation rife as garbage threatens public health

(Newser) - Heaps of garbage tower in southern Italy’s legal and illegal dumps, and may even be contributing to cancer and birth defects in the area—but the mafia’s grip on disposal makes it near impossible to fix the problem, the Los Angeles Times reports. “For years the waste... More »

FBI's Methods Questioned in Anthrax Search

Used intimidation to home in on 'weakest link,' some argue

(Newser) - Pressure is mounting for the FBI to publicly explain why its 2001 anthrax investigation focused on scientist Bruce Ivins, reports the New York Times, as some question the bureau's methods. Ivins simply “looked the most susceptible to pressure,” insisted one scientist. Bureau officials say they will make details... More »

Mugabe's Bloody Path to Victory in Zimbabwe

The Washington Post probes a campaign of intimidation

(Newser) - When Zimbabwe’s president, Robert Mugabe, first learned he’d lost his March bid for re-election, he told supporters he’d concede–but they wouldn’t listen. Instead, Mugabe agreed to let the army swing the vote in his favor. Thus began a campaign of violent intimidation that ultimately forced... More »

Zimbabwe Film Shows Mugabe Election Rigging

Prison officer shot footage, passed it to Guardian

(Newser) - Film shot secretly by a Zimbabwean prison guard shows how President Robert Mugabe’s party used intimidation to earn votes in last week's run-off election, the Guardian reports. In the footage, ruling party members watch as prison officials fill out their ballots and inspect the results. At a rally, party... More »

Mugabe Is Sworn In

Won 85% of uncontested vote; Tsvangirai asks AU to denounce election

(Newser) - Robert Mugabe was sworn in today for another 5 years as president of Zimbabwe, after the electoral commission declared him the winner with 85% of the vote in an uncontested but controversial race. Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who withdrew his candidacy last week over concerns of increasing violence, says he... More »

Mugabe Declares Victory

But global leaders slam uncontested election

(Newser) - Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has proudly claimed victory in a run-off vote in which he was the only candidate, CNN reports. Preparations were underway for a swearing-in ceremony, with invitations sent out hours after his declaration. But a party spokesman said the ceremony wouldn’t be held until after the... More »

Tsvangirai: Save Yourselves, Vote Mugabe

Sham election gets underway today

(Newser) - As Zimbabwe's sham run-off election for president began to get underway, even opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai urged supporters to vote for Robert Mugabe to save themselves from the violent intimidation orchestrated by the government, the Guardian reports. Mugabe's militia has conducted a terror campaign of murder, abduction, imprisonment and rape... More »

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