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Coffeehouse's Sidewalk Sign Draws Cries of 'White Privilege'

Denver shop's boast about gentrification didn't go over well with locals

(Newser) - A Denver neighborhood known as "the Harlem of the West" isn't taking too kindly to a local coffeehouse's recent sidewalk signage. The Five Points community has long been known as an artists' enclave and home to many black and Latino families, but economic growth and an attempt... More »

Calif. Cafes Unplugging WiFi

Coffee shops shouldn't feel like cubicle farms, say owners

(Newser) - California's coffee shops were pioneers in providing free WiFi, but a growing number are starting to pull the plug. Some complain that laptop users taking up space and nursing a single drink all day are killing profits, while others want to keep a friendly vibe in their establishments by having... More »

Targeting McDonald's, Starbucks Offers Free Wi-Fi

Unlimited Internet access comes with new content system

(Newser) - Starbucks will offer free unlimited Wi-Fi at its company-owned stores starting July 1. Battered by the recession and the successful challenge mounted by McDonald's, the coffee giant will also plug its customers into customized content—including free access to pay sites like the Wall Street Journal's, Frank James blogs for... More »

10 Things You Should Know About Starbucks

It almost had a different Ahab-themed name

(Newser) - “Starbucks is the coffee icon people either love or love to hate,” writes Dave Roos, but how much do you actually know about the coffee giant? He rounds up 10 educational facts on Mental Floss :
  • It was almost named Pequods: Yes, that’s “an extremely vague literary
... More »

Starbucks' New Flavor: Local Shop Names

Giant rebrands one Seattle store '15th Avenue Coffee and Tea'

(Newser) - With traffic waning, Starbucks has a new strategy: It’s dropping “Starbucks” from store names and rebranding them to reflect their neighborhoods, the Seattle Times reports. 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea, for example, won’t feature the Starbucks logo—even bags of coffee will be labeled “15th Avenue.... More »

Starbucks Shrugs Off Big Mac Attack

Company refuses to get steamed as rivals move in for the kill

(Newser) - So far Starbucks isn't giving two beans about rival efforts to keep the coffee wars piping hot, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports. The latest not-so-subtle salvo—a McDonald's espresso billboard declaring "Four Bucks is Dumb" erected within sight of Starbucks' Seattle headquarters—has yet to meet a response, and execs... More »

Starbucks to Close 600 Stores Across US

Most of the shuttering shops opened after October 2005

(Newser) - Starbucks will close hundreds of stores across the US in its newest attempt to boost deflated profits, the Seattle Times reports. In the next nine months, about 600 stores are getting the ax, most of which opened after October 2005. About 12,000 employees will lose their jobs, but the... More »

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