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Coming Soon: Austin Powers, the Musical

Mike Myers in talks to write Broadway show

(Newser) - Austin Powers on Broadway? Yeah, baby! A source tells the New York Post that Mike Myers is in talks to turn the spy-spoof franchise into a "musical stage show." Though Myers will be "heavily involved" in writing it, he won't star in it, the source says—... More »

Wayne's World Returns! Party Time! Excellent!

Church Lady meets Sssssssatan, and her name is Snooki

(Newser) - Dana Carvey made his return to Saturday Night Live last night, reports PopEater, and trotted out old standby characters from Garth Algar to the Church Lady. Appearing next to Mike Meyers on a Wayne's World reunion, Carvey's Garth was predictably randy in his Oscar preview: "Anne Hath-a-way of giving... More »

22 Horrible Movie Hairdos

Gyllenhaal's 'Prince of Persia' coif is bad but far from the worst

(Newser) - If you found Jake Gyllenhaal's shaggy Prince of Persia mane amusing, great news: There's more where that came from. In the gallery, check out some of the 22 cringe-inducing movie hairstyles rounded up by Kate Ward of Entertainment Weekly . For the complete list, click here . More »

Magic Missing in Shrek Forever After

The movie's not bad, just phoned in

(Newser) - Shrek Forever After, the supposed last film in the green ogre franchise, isn't terrible, critics unanimously agree. But neither is it remotely necessary. Here's what they're saying:
  • “There's a soft, middle-aged complacency to the well-oiled mechanics of Shrek Forever After,” writes Lisa Schwarzbaum of EW . “What was
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Worst Movies of All Time

Even George Clooney can't save 1997's Batman and Robin.

(Newser) - So he's up for a best actor Oscar and his movie Up in the Air has gotten tons of buzz. That doesn't mean George Clooney's beyond the occasional flop. His 1997 "franchise-killing" flick Batman and Robin, with Chris O'Donnell and Alicia Silverstone, was picked by Empire magazine readers as... More »

Hilton, Myers Reign at Razzies

Pierce Brosnan also 'wins' award for Hollywood's worst

(Newser) - While the acting elite fretted over tonight's Oscar ceremony, the Razzies were roasting Hollywood's not-so-elite efforts last night in their annual nod to the worst, OK! reports. Mike Myers won Worst Picture and Worst Actor for The Love Guru, while Paris Hilton grabbed Worst Actress for The Hottie and ... More »

Love Guru Up For 7 Razzies

Paris Hilton gets 4 nominations for awards for film's worsts

(Newser) - Mike Myers’ The Love Guru looks poised to dominate the Razzie Awards this year, the Los Angeles Times reports, with the film nabbing seven nominations, including worst picture. Myers specifically has nominations for writing, producing and acting. But Myers was bettered on personal Razzie noms by Paris Hilton, who’s... More »

The 10 Best-Paid Actors

From the Fresh Prince to Captain Jack Sparrow, stars aren't sweating the small notes

(Newser) - Hancock isn't the "have you seen it" superhero movie of the season, but star Will Smith isn't crying in his beer: The ex-Fresh Prince raked in $80 million in the year that ended June 1. The rest of the Forbes top 10:
  1. Johnny Depp ($72 million)
  2. Eddie Murphy ($55
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Celluloid's Sexiest Swimsuits

Cinema's iconic swimsuits revealed in time for National Bikini Month

(Newser) - Break out the coconut oil, it’s National Bikini Month. From Alba to Andress, Entertainment Weekly offers a cinematic retrospective of Hollywood’s splashiest swimsuits.
  1. Halle Berry, Die Another Day
  2. Ursula Andress, Dr. No
  3. Jessica Alba, Into the Blue
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