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A Couple Drinks Daily May Prevent Dementia: Study

Moderate drinkers developed dementia less often than teetotalers

(Newser) - Moderate drinking may prevent the onset of dementia, MedPage Today reports. A study found that adults aged 75 and over who had one or two drinks daily were 37% less likely to develop dementia. Across the study’s 6-year window, adults who drank more than two drinks a day were... More »

Bargain Brewskies Buoy Breweries

Cheap beer sales are rising faster than pricier options

(Newser) - Cheap brews are giving breweries just the boost they need during tough times, reports the Wall Street Journal. Economy suds such as Busch, Miller High Life, and Pabst Blue Ribbon are rising faster than the nation's overall beer sales and helping companies weather the economic storm. A short time ago,... More »

Women Drink Men Under Table

Alcohol consumption by the once-mostly teetotaling crowd is closing gender gap

(Newser) - More women are bellying up to the bar, and those who consume alcohol are consuming more than ever before, Alex Morris writes in New York. As men cut back, women are picking up the slack. The numbers of women drinking and those whose call themselves “moderate-to-heavy drinkers” have risen... More »

Preachy Bar Managers Stir Brewhaha

London bar flies revolt against lofty ideals of Christian couple

(Newser) - Praise the Lord and pass the beer—or at least that's the vision a devout Christian couple may have had for the London pub they were hired to manage. But patrons found the couple's preachy exhortations to prayer, Bible quizzes, and ban on cursing and gambling downright annoying. More »

4 Stories