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Palin Story Sparks Catfight in McCain Crew

Senior campaign hands publicly bicker, with assist from Kristol

(Newser) - Senior McCain hands are wringing their dirty laundry in the public square thanks to Vanity Fair’s vicious piece on Sarah Palin, Politico reports. When William Kristol publicly accused chief strategist Steve Schmidt of being the story’s source, Schmidt fired back that it was “categorically untrue.” He... More »

Kristol Used His Column to Help McCain's Rebels

Pro-Palin camp fed columnist 'a constant stream of poison'

(Newser) - As Bill Kristol used his New York Times column to relentlessly praise Sarah Palin and simultaneously blast the McCain camp's handling of her, he was far from an objective observer, writes Scott Horton in the Daily Beast. Kristol regularly received inside information from the McCain team's pro-Palin contingent, then used... More »

McCain Camp Likens Obama —to Bush?

Republicans say his stubbornness on Iraq reminiscent of president

(Newser) - The McCain camp borrowed a page from its rivals today with a new tack on Barack Obama: He looks a whole lot like George W. Bush. McCain's national security adviser took Obama to task for the rigidity of his Iraq strategy, the Huffington Post reports. "I think the American... More »

3 Stories