Gay Pride Week

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No Gay Pride Parade for Me, Thanks

Let's hope they won't be necessary in the future: Bre Degrant

(Newser) - Bre Degrant is a lesbian—but she refuses to go to a gay pride parade. Pride is a feeling derived from one’s achievements, she writes in Salon , and being born gay isn’t an achievement. “So why do my fellow gays gather each June to parade through the... More »

Why I Have No 'Gay Pride'

But 'the absence of pride is not shame,' Jesse Bering concludes

(Newser) - It's LGBT Pride month, but research psychologist Jesse Bering is certainly not proud of the fact that he's gay. The way he sees it, "pride" can be defined in three main ways, and none matches the way he feels about his sexual orientation. Pride is sometimes defined... More »

Anti-Gay Riots Mar Serbia's Pride Parade

Extreme nationalists: 'Death to homosexuals'

(Newser) - Serbia's first Gay Pride parade in nearly a decade was disrupted yesterday by anti-gay riots that left 100 people injured and saw another 100 arrested. The rioters threw petrol bombs and stones at the police during the march in Belgrade, and the office of the ruling Democratic Party was briefly... More »

Prom-Banned Lesbian to Head NYC Gay Parade

Constance McMillen will be grand marshal

(Newser) - Constance McMillen couldn't go the ball at home in Fulton, Mississippi, so she'll have to make do with partying in New York City and San Francisco instead. The teen—whose fight to bring a same-sex date to her high school prom led first to her prom being canceled, and then... More »

You've Come a Long Way, Mr. Gay China

Pageant shows rapidly shifting attitudes to homosexuality

(Newser) - When the eight finalists of the first Mr. Gay China pageant strut the catwalk of a Beijing club this Friday, they'll be doing something that was once unthinkable in a country where gay sex was illegal until 1997 and homosexuality was classed as a mental illness until 2001. These days,... More »

London Pride: Too Much of a Gay Ol' Time?

Activist condemns parade for choosing fun over politics

(Newser) - Forty years after the Stonewall riots touched off the gay liberation movement, London’s gay community is debating whether to celebrate or get political, the Guardian reports. One activist blasted organizers of today’s Pride London parade—themed “Come and Play”—for “depoliticizing” the event, and accused... More »

Firefighters Charge Sex Harassment in Gay Parade

Seeking $3M in damages from San Diego in trial that starts today

(Newser) - Four San Diego firefighters ordered by officials to drive their truck in the city's gay pride parade last year are suing for $3 million in damages for sexual harassment, reports the Los Angeles Times. The four, who were given their orders by the city’s lesbian fire chief, say the... More »

'So Gay' Tourist Ad Stirs Flap in South Carolina

Negative reaction to posters could hurt tourism industry

(Newser) - "South Carolina is so gay," announce posters in the London Underground. Part of an advertising campaign targeting visitors to London's gay pride events, the posters have set off a backlash in South Carolina, drawing sharp criticism from senator David Thomas and resulting in the resignation of a state... More »

8 Stories