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Local Food Could Save the Economy

Tom Philpott offers a plan to create jobs

(Newser) - Americans spend nearly $1.2 trillion per year on food—that's almost one-tenth of the total US GDP—but very little of that helps our local communities, since most of our food money goes to large chains. If we could turn that around and shop for more local food,... More »

Sorry Locavores, Sustainable Meat Is a Myth

Smaller 'natural' farms won't work: James McWilliams

(Newser) - Lots of people these days are turning away from large-scale meat farms and toward smaller, organic farms. It's better for the animals and for the environment, right? Not nearly as much as most locavores think, writes James McWilliams in the New York Times . He's not defending factory farms—... More »

Locavores, Tone Down the Self-Righteousness

Movement is devolving into 'self-indulgent' dogma

(Newser) - Don't get him wrong, Stephen Budiansky likes fresh local veggies as much as the next guy, but he's had it up to here with zealous locavores. "The local food movement now threatens to devolve into another one of those self-indulgent—and self-defeating—do-gooder dogmas," he writes in the... More »

Locavores No Better Than Racists

Both value one group's concerns over another's

(Newser) - Proud of yourself for going totally local for your Christmas dinner this year? Did you put on your white hood and go burn a cross afterward? Because the locavore movement is really just a thinly veiled cousin of tribalism and racism,” Ethan Epstein writes of the “profoundly misguided”... More »

First Lady to Garden on Sesame Street

Michelle Obama will educate the residents on the value of healthy eating

(Newser) - What do Michelle Obama, Cameron Diaz, Eva Longoria Parker, Ricky Gervais, and Kobe Bryant have in common? All of them will appear on this season of Sesame Street, its 40th anniversary. The first lady will flex her green thumb and talk about gardening and eating healthy on the show’s... More »

Quietly, Moonshine Makes a Comeback

Homemade spirits find a loyal following; pity about the jail sentences

(Newser) - Whether it's a result of the recession or an outgrowth of the local food movement, more and more Americans are getting in on the craze for do-it-yourself food and drink. But there's a small problem with homemade spirits—unlike smoking salmon or pickling cukes, distilling your own whiskey or grappa... More »

Webster's New Words: Frenemy, Staycation

(Newser) - Merriam-Webster will make 100 additions to its Collegiate dictionary this year, and many may sound familiar, the AP reports. “These are not new words in the language, by any means,” said the publisher. An expert elaborates: They've “been around for a while but for some reason they... More »

'Better' Pork Carries Big Health Risks

Free-range pork may relieve your guilt, but bother your tummy

(Newser) - Free-range pork sounds better for everyone involved, especially the pig. But exposure to the outdoors means exposure to dangerous pathogens, from salmonella to toxoplasmosis to the deadly parasite trichinosis, writes James McWilliams for the New York Times. "Free range is like piggy day care, a thoughtfully arranged system designed... More »

Locavore Movement Spurs Luxe Niche

Personal gardeners, chefs spring from move to locally grown food

(Newser) - The number of people seeking out locally raised food—locavores-—is on the rise, reports the New York Times, as are businesses that cater to them. People too busy (or lazy) to plant their own garden or visit a local vegetable dealer are hiring people to find the best regional... More »

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