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Woman Says Pedicure Made Her Lose a Toe

A cut between her toes became infected: lawsuit

(Newser) - A woman is suing a nail salon in Santa Clarita, Calif., alleging a pedicure gone wrong caused her to lose a toe. Sonia Algara, who filed a negligence suit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, says she warned workers at Dynasty Nails that she was diabetic and at a... More »

Widow Says Pedicure Killed Her Husband

She sues salon near Chicago

(Newser) - A widow in suburban Chicago blames a nail salon for killing her husband in a pedicure-gone-wrong. A lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court alleges that Darryl Carr suffered a grisly infection that led to the amputation of his left leg and, ultimately, his death, reports the Chicago Tribune . Carr'... More »

Green Nail Salons Smell a Trend

Workers suffer through long exposure to toxic chemicals, carcinogens

(Newser) - The booming nail salon business has a booming subcategory: green salons. Besides helping the planet, the ecofriendly establishments are healthier than traditional salons for manicurists and other workers, who are exposed to a multitude of toxic chemicals used in their work. “The cost of course is more,” says... More »

Nails: New Glam Accessories

Celebs from Beyonce to Seal show off their polish

(Newser) - Want to accessorize like the stars, but can’t afford diamonds? Never fear: Fingernails are the new, subtler fashion accessory. “You can just get a bottle of nail polish and you're on the trend wagon,” one nail guru tells USA Today. The top celeb nail trends:
  • Nail art:
... More »

Fla. Bans Fish Pedicures

Cosmetology board cites rules on animals in salons, sanitation concerns

(Newser) - Fish pedicures—in which small carp eat dead skin from clients’ feet—have been banned in Florida, the Orlando Sentinel reports. The state’s Board of Cosmetology determined that the practice, introduced last year, violated a ban on animals in salons, as well as sanitation requirements that mandate disinfecting of... More »

Flesh-Nibbling Fish Latest Pedicure Fad

Carp smooth feet by eating dead skin

(Newser) - Fish pedicures where dozens of tiny carp smooth out your tootsies by eating away the dead skin is the latest in spa pampering. Since March, a DC area salon has offered the pools of garra rufa, aka doctor fish—popular in Turkey and Asia—as an alternative to scraping razors.... More »

6 Stories