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John Wick Will Now Kill Everything on Television

Bloody franchise will become a series on Starz

(Newser) - The wildly gory and popular John Wick franchise will become a Starz series under the name of The Continental, reports Gizmodo , after the hotel in the movies where assassins like to pal around. For those worried that the small screen might dilute any of the dripping violence on display in... More »

LeBron James Producing His Own Sitcom

Teaming up with Starz for 'Survivor's Remorse'

(Newser) - What’s a king without a … TV show? Two-time NBA champion LeBron James is reportedly teaming up with Starz to produce his own sitcom. Newsy reports: More »

Netflix Scores Landmark Disney Movie Deal

Streaming service beats pay TV to rights to show new releases

(Newser) - In a deal Netflix calls a "bold leap forward for Internet television," the company has scored the rights to show new releases from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm starting in 2016, when Disney's deal with Starz Movies expires. Older Disney films will be available on Netflix immediately... More »

Netflix Losing Starz, Big Source of New Movies

It's another dose of bad news for the red-envelope company

(Newser) - More grief for Netflix, already stung by a customer backlash over its decision to split its mail and streaming services and jack prices . Starz said today it won't renew its contract in February to supply newly released movies and TV shows, reports the LA Times . It's a big... More »

This Summer, Catch Up on Neglected TV Series

(Newser) - As the American Idol dust clears and you resign yourself to never understanding Lost, TV's fallow season looms, just begging you to catch up on some excellent viewing you might have missed. NPR blogger Linda Holmes has some suggestions:
  • Mad Men"Works very well when you can grab
... More »

Miley Concert Film Debuts in 3D

3D version get small-screen release

(Newser) - The Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert gets its 3D TV debut at 9 tonight, while the starlet is in Tennessee filming Hannah Montana: The Movie. The 3D version of the concert film, which grossed $65 million in theaters  this year, will be available on Starz... More »

6 Stories