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Ex-Smokers Jittery About 'Magic' Lozenge Shortage

Some who've relied on Nicorette suckers for years are hoarding them

(Newser) - Nicotine-replacement therapies are often a lifesaver for former smokers who want to make sure they kick the habit forever. But while gum and patches may do the trick for certain ex-inhalers, there's a product that, its loyal followers say, is the only smoking-cessation remedy that's worked for them:... More »

Obama: Still on the Nicorette?

White House Flickr photo seems to indicate that he is

(Newser) - Did the debt ceiling debate drive President Obama back to the arms of ... Nicorette? Politico's sharp-eyed Josh Gerstein spotted what appears to be a piece of the nicotine gum in a photo recently posted on the official White House Flickr stream. In the picture, Obama is having a phone... More »

Study Links Nicotine, Breast Cancer

Finding could be a blow to nicotine patches, gum

(Newser) - Smoking could hurt more than just your lungs. A new study suggests nicotine causes breast cancer tumors to grow. The finding is especially significant, the Daily Mail explains, because though cigarettes are known to contain at least 60 cancer-causing substances, this is the first time nicotine has been implicated as... More »

Quit Smoking? Yes We Can!

President-elect's struggle with nicotine could help others kick the habit

(Newser) - Barack Obama is about to become the nation's smoker-in-chief, and anti-smoking advocates are hopeful he'll become a powerful example for other smokers if he finally manages to kick the habit. He has quit several times but so far has always gone back to smoking up to eight cigarettes a day,... More »

Someone Get the President- Elect a Cigarette

Obama probably still smokes—and we should be OK with that

(Newser) - America has elected a member of a hated minority as president. That’s right, Barack Obama is a smoker. Oh, sure, he claims to have quit, but Michael Kinsley of the Washington Post isn’t convinced. Obama admitted falling off the wagon in June, yet no reporter has asked him... More »

Smoking Makes Obama Human ... If a Bad Role Model

Some worried a victory by Dem could set anti-tobacco movement back years

(Newser) - If Barack Obama—an on-again, off-again smoker who says he's off again—fails in his attempt to quit, he could be the first president to enjoy a regular puff since FDR, who lit up long before the anti-smoking movement swept America. One watcher tells the Minneapolis Star Tribune the habit... More »

6 Stories