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Economic 'Mismatches' Mean Food Crisis Is Here to Stay

(Newser) - The various sectors of the global economy have become so entwined with food production that prices are acting in a very “puzzling” manner, the Economist reports. Last year, the market responded rationally to the global food crisis of 2007-08, increasing production and thus lowering prices. But with another bumper... More »

Next 100 Days Promise Real Test

(Newser) - President Obama’s efforts to reach out domestically and internationally in his administration’s infancy “have paid off remarkably,” Howard Fineman writes in Newsweek, but there are tough times ahead. “To make good on the promise of days 1-100,” Fineman writes, “Obama will have to... More »

Cambodia's Food Crisis Fix? Eat Rats

And they think more of the world should too

(Newser) - Food prices have rocketed so high in Cambodia that even the humblest of foods has seen its price quadruple this year. That humblest of foods is rat meat, and it’s going up precisely because so many Cambodians can’t afford any other meat, the Guardian reports. Rats have been... More »

As Food Prices Rise, Lobster Treads Water

In Maine at least, local economies dodge the perils of globalization

(Newser) - As global demand drives food prices to new highs, there’s one high-end food item whose price is in decline, Daniel Gross points out in Slate: lobster. In Portland, Maine, a pound of lobster costs slightly more than a gallon of gasoline, a ratio that historically was more like 4-to-1.... More »

Global Trade Talks Collapse

Breakdown halts seven years of progress to hammer out deal

(Newser) - World Trade Organization talks to forge a new global trade pact collapsed yesterday after seven years of negotiations. An EU spokesman called the breakdown a "massive blow to the confidence in the global economy." The talks fell apart as China and India demanded the authortity to impose "... More »

5 Stories