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Rush Limbaugh: Coverage of Irma Reveals Left-Wing Bias

He suggests it's part of media campaign to advance climate change

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh lives in Florida and thus is keeping a close eye on the path of Hurricane Irma. But on his radio show Tuesday, Limbaugh floated a controversial theory: News coverage is inflating the storm's potential danger as part of a liberal media bias in regard to global warming.... More »

iPhone 5 Sells Out Instantly, Stock Hits Record High

So much for 'disappointment'

(Newser) - We're not sure if this means it's going to save the economy or anything, but the new iPhone looks like a sales hit; it sold out in less than an hour on Apple.com, BGR reports, despite bellyaching from pundits that it was too incremental an upgrade. The... More »

Got a Tech Hunch? Use 'Milkshake Test'

Thought exercise helps predict a new technology's popularity

(Newser) - Five years ago, everyone was ready for a Second Life revolution—but the virtual world has largely fizzled. Google and iPods, on the other hand, have lived up to the hype. How do we know when to believe in lofty tech expectations? At Slate , Dan and Chip Heath propose a... More »

As Telecoms Hype 4G, Recall How Long 3G Was in Coming

(Newser) - 3G landed in the US in 2003. But it wasn’t until the iPhone came around five years later that “consumers finally had a device that showed them the power of mobile broadband networks,” Stephanie N. Mehta writes in Fortune. In fact, "a few executives at US... More »

Novel About Corruption May Be Kremlin Official's Work

Close to Zero portrays bribes, fraud as commonplace in contemporary Russia

(Newser) - A novel about a publisher navigating Russia’s complex web of political favors and payoffs may have been written by a top Kremlin official, the Moscow Times reports. Sources at Russky Pioner magazine, which published excerpts of Close to Zero before its release last month, say Vladislav Surkov, a powerful... More »

Search Service Will Answer Questions Google Can't

Though not intended to dethrone the search king, Wolfram Alpha will compete for clicks

(Newser) - WolframAlpha, a powerful new Web service that can answer a vast array of questions, has already answered one: No, it is not intended to dethrone Google. The site’s creator, scientist and entrepreneur Stephen Wolfram, is “not keen on the hype,” but others believe WolframAlpha could be a... More »

Media Gets 'Silly' Over Obama Ties to Blago

There's little evidence of ties as questions pour from press

(Newser) - The media is aflutter with questions over Barack Obama’s connection to Rod Blagojevich, and although it’s fair for the press to probe, things are getting “silly,” Joan Walsh writes on Salon. The only tie we’ve seen is Blagojevich caught on tape ranting obscenely that Obama... More »

Polish Actors Paid to Fake iPhone Frenzy

Phone company tries to boost enthusiasm with longer lines

(Newser) - Poland’s largest mobile provider is refreshingly straightforward about its efforts to boost iPhone sales, Reuters reports. “We have these fake queues at front of 20 stores around the country to drum up interest in the iPhone,” a spokesman for Orange said. The iPhone flew off the shelves... More »

Arrogance Charge Dogs Obama, Fueled by Misquote

Mark Halperin corrects the record

(Newser) - Washington Post reporter Jonathan Weisman fed the GOP line that Barack Obama is more presumptuous than presidential last night by quoting the candidate telling a gathering of House Dems yesterday, “I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions.” Weisman quips,“... More »

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