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Bruce Dern Takes a Tumble During Jog

82-year-old actor 'in good spirits' after breaking hip while on run in Los Angeles

(Newser) - Even at the age of 82, Bruce Dern is known for his fit lifestyle, heading out for daily jogs around Los Angeles. The actor has had a bit of a setback, though it appears he'll recover: TMZ reports Dern was running in Runyon Canyon close to 4pm Friday when... More »

This Mayor Just Wants to Jog. One Voter Is Not Amused

'Apparently some seem to think I'm obligated to stop and talk,' Jim Fouts posted on Facebook

(Newser) - Mayor Jim Fouts gets high marks for his healthy jogging routine, but he may need to work on his diplomacy skills. The 70-something mayor of Warren, Mich., felt so strongly about his twice-a-day 45-minute exercise regimen that he posted a note on Facebook that he’s “available 24/7 but... More »

Cops: Woman Won't Stop Pooping While Jogging

They call her the 'Mad Pooper'

(Newser) - This probably isn't the top priority for law enforcement, but it's got to be at least No. 2. CBS Denver reports a female jogger has been terrorizing a Colorado Springs neighborhood with random acts of pooping for nearly two months. "'Are you really taking a poop... More »

Running in Packs Now Banned in Sierra Leone

Authorities say groups are running 'with a hint of menace'

(Newser) - For decades, young people have taken to the streets in cities across Sierra Leone to jog and exercise socially—some groups in silent focus, others singing and clapping along the way. But the cultural pastime is now banned, with authorities citing "with dismay" that these groups are joined by... More »

Murdered Jogger May Have Injured Her Killer

Police believe Vanessa Marcotte fought for her life

(Newser) - The 27-year-old woman killed while jogging Sunday in Massachusetts may have fought back against her killer. "We believe that there was struggle between Vanessa and her killer that may have resulted in her killer receiving injuries," Mass Live quotes district attorney Joseph Early as saying Thursday. Those injuries... More »

MIT Student's Body Found in India

Kaitlin Goldstein fell off cliff while jogging on mountain trail

(Newser) - Her parents traveled to India to look for her. Her brother feared she’d been kidnapped. But Saturday—a week after she went missing—the body of Rhode Island native and MIT graduate student Kaitlin Goldstein, 28, was found in a ravine in India, the AP reports. Her parents say... More »

Fresh Prince Producer Goes For Jog, Dies

Jeff Pollack found on California running trail; he was 54

(Newser) - The producer of the Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, the show that brought Will Smith into the limelight, has died in California during what appears to have been a routine jog, reports Page Six . Jeff Pollack was found unresponsive on a running trail in Hermosa Beach on Monday; he was wearing... More »

Man Gets Ticket After Cat Refuses to Go on a Jog

It couldn't keep up, so he tied it to a rock ... then birds attacked

(Newser) - A case of feline fitness gone wrong: Colorado police have ticketed a man who is accused of tying his cat to a rock after it refused to go jogging. Sgt. Fred Palmer says 19-year-old Seth Franco brought his cat on a leash to a path at a Lafayette park on... More »

Running May Be Good for Knees

Runners' 'motion groove' can prevents arthritis in old age

(Newser) - Conventional wisdom holds that running will eventually trash your knees by wearing down their cartilage, ultimately leading to arthritis. But that may have to be revised: Recent studies suggest that runners may have healthier knees in old age than their sedentary peers, reports Gretchen Reynolds for the New York Times.... More »

'Faint' Sarkozy Hospitalized After Jog

French prez 'felt faint,' undergoing medical tests

(Newser) - Nicolas Sarkozy “felt faint” during his usual morning jog today, reports the Guardian, and was admitted to the hospital where he was under observation and undergoing further tests. Elysee Palace declined to comment further, saying it would release further details this afternoon. The energetic French president is known as... More »

Cushy Running Shoes May Be Dangerous

(Newser) - Runners may be safer going barefoot than stuffing their feet into pricey sneakers with thick, synthetic heels, Wired reports. Research shows that the modern jogging shoe, first sold by Nike in the 1970s, hasn't prevented injuries and may even be causing them. Barefoot running—or running with geeky, minimalist footwear... More »

Palin: I Can Beat Obama... in a Foot Race

(Newser) - Lifelong runner Sarah Palin tells Runner's World magazine that she could beat Barack Obama in a long-distance race. "I betcha I'd have more endurance," she says in response to a question. "If you ever talk to my old coaches they'd tell you, too. What I lacked in... More »

Chill Out About My Cleavage: Miley

'Kill me!' she says of bathing-suit peek pics

(Newser) - Miley Cyrus doesn’t “get the big whoop” that ensued after cleavage-baring photos of her and her shirtless boyfriend went public, she told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show. “As I'm running,” the shirt “got a little bit lower and you could see a little of... More »

Jogger Gives Rabid Fox a Run

Woman runs mile with animal's jaws clamped into her arm

(Newser) - An Arizona woman ran about a mile with a rabid fox’s jaws clamped around her arm, the Prescott Daily Courier reports. A fox attacked Michelle Felicepta, 30, while she was jogging Monday, biting deeply into her arm. Knowing the fox would need to be tested, she ran the mile... More »

30 Mins Daily Won't Cut It: Study

Researchers recommend at least an hour daily to keep off pounds

(Newser) - Thirty minutes of moderate exercise daily may not trim off the fat after all, a new study says. University of Pittsburgh researchers say it takes at least 55 minutes per day, five days a week, to keep off the pounds. The study followed 200 overweight women, and found that only... More »

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