Biscayne Bay

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Florida Nuclear Power Plant Is Leaking Radiation Into the Ocean

Study finds tritium levels in Biscayne Bay up to 215 times higher than normal

(Newser) - A nuclear power plant in Florida described by critics as "environmentally fragile" is almost certainly leaking radioactive cooling water into the nearby ocean, the Miami New Times reports. "You would have to work hard to find a worse place to put a nuclear plant, right between two national... More »

Florida Estate Sells for Record $47M

Miami-Dade property has a beach imported from Bahamas

(Newser) - Another sign that luxe housing is making a rebound? A Florida estate has sold for $47 million, a record for Miami-Dade County, reports the Wall Street Journal . The buyer was an unidentified Russian. The newly built estate was initially on the market for $60 million, but even with the price... More »

Poisonous Invader Cruises Caribbean

(Newser) - A poisonous, fast-multiplying species known as the red lionfish has invaded the warm waters of the Caribbean and poses a serious threat to the native sealife and the fragile ecosytem, reports the AP. "This may very well become the most devastating marine invasion in history," said one expert.... More »

3 Stories