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Birthers Sue Esquire

They don't find joke about Birther book amusing

(Newser) - Nobody likes to be the butt of jokes, and now two birthers are suing Esquire for a jaw-dropping $285 million to make the point. Joseph Farah and Jerome Corsi have filed the suit because journalist Mark Warren said in a satirical piece in May that Corsi's book—Where's ... More »

Bachmann Latest Republican to Downplay Birthers

'That should settle it,' she says of current Obama certification

(Newser) - Michele Bachmann today distanced herself from the birther camp, reports CNN , which sees it as a clear trend among GOP politicians and strategists. When ABC's George Stephanopoulos showed Bachmann the president's Certification of Live Birth from Hawaii, she responded: "Well, then that should settle it," and... More »

Kenya Deports Author of Obama Nation

Immigration nabs Jerome Corsi ahead of book launch

(Newser) - The author of the bestselling attack on Barack Obama, The Obama Nation, is being deported from Kenya for lacking the right working papers, the AP reports. Police nabbed Jerome Corsi at his hotel ahead of a book launch. One source said he had been held for accusing the prime minister’... More »

Obama Launches Corsi Counterstrike

Candidate hits back at Obama Nation with detailed rebuttal

(Newser) - Barack Obama is launching an aggressive counterattack on Obama Nation, the Jerome Corsi book aimed to derail his reputation, Talking Points Memo reports. In sharp contrast to John Kerry's "don't dignify that with a response" approach to Corsi's book demolishing the decorated veteran's Swift Boat record, the Obama campaign... More »

Obama Nation Author Has Made Career of Wild Claims

Here's a look at some of his most outlandish

(Newser) - Author Jerome Corsi, he of the Kerry Swift Boat book and the new attack tome on Barack Obama, has a long history of, um, provocative theories. For instance: The world's oil supplies are nearly infinite because oil constantly replenishes itself. Politico takes a look at some of his more outlandish... More »

5 Stories