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Teen Killed After Strapping Rocket to Skateboard

The homemade rocket exploded

(Newser) - Authorities say two Southern California high school students attached a homemade model rocket to a skateboard before it exploded and killed one of the teens. The blast Monday evening in the courtyard of a Ventura County elementary school killed 18-year-old Bernard Moon, the AP reports. His 17-year-old friend was injured... More »

In the Middle of CES, a US Marshals Raid

US company says Chinese company is hurting industry with its cheap models

(Newser) - Hoverboards are making headlines, from bursting into flames and being banned by online retailers to causing trouble in churches and supermarkets . But the hoverboard hubbub at CES in Las Vegas Thursday was something straight out of a corporate espionage movie: Per Bloomberg , US marshals raided a booth set up by... More »

Target Thief's Getaway Vehicle: Skateboard

Video shows him making off with a TV in Florida

(Newser) - It's another headline-grabbing theft at Target , but this one is decidedly more low-tech. Someone in Clearwater, Florida, used a skateboard to make his great escape after stealing a TV, reports the Tampa Bay Tribune . In fact, surveillance video shows him skateboarding inside the store with the 32-inch flat-screen. One... More »

LA Cracks Down on Unsafe Skateboarding

Crouching 'bombers' to be fined $250

(Newser) - Los Angeles is clamping down on unsafe skateboarding by coming up with clearer definitions of what counts as dangerous. Under new City Council regulations, high-speed downhill runs known as "bombing" will still be allowed, but skaters will be required to be upright instead of crouching, reports the Los Angeles ... More »

LA Wants Speed Limit ... for Skateboarders

New rules could let police impound boards

(Newser) - Skateboarders in Los Angeles may soon have to obey traffic regulations—including a 25mph speed limit. The city council voted unanimously to draft rules against "unsafe" skateboarding, the Los Angeles Times reports. Councilman Joe Buscaino, who launched the proceedings, said he wanted to stop skateboard "bombing," during... More »

Get Ready for Grateful Dead Skateboards

Wine, snowboards also among new merchandising deals

(Newser) - The Dead are looking for new ways to live on, and they’ve settled on skateboards. In a new business deal, remaining members of the Grateful Dead have agreed to put their logos on a range of new items, including Wines That Rock, Dregs skateboards, and Burton snowboards. But they’... More »

German Cops Hunt Autobahn Skater

Daredevil wanted for endangering motorists, speeding

(Newser) - German police are hunting for the anonymous daredevil who piloted a skateboard down a stretch of the autobahn at better than 60 mph, Der Spiegel reports. Police only recently got wind of the stunt, which has been making the YouTube rounds since June, but now want to find and charge... More »

Two-Wheeled Turtle Finds Love

Disabled Arava fitted with rear wheels

(Newser) - A turtle that lost the use of her hind legs has come out of her shell since being fitted with a set of rear wheels, reports AP. The 55-pound turtle, Arava, has even begun mating with an amorous male. The 10-year-old spurred tortoise was fitted with a customized skateboard by... More »

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