Sandra Tsing Loh

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Why Marriage Is Obsolete (at Least for Women)

Institution is obsolete—let's fix this 'bum deal'

(Newser) - Marriage is fraught with “emotional pain, humiliation, and logistical difficulty.” And for women—expected to work, parent, tend to the house, and on top of all that, keep the romance alive—it’s a “bum deal,” writes Sandra Tsing Loh, herself ending a 20-year union, in... More »

Nothing to Fear in Public School as Costco

Author/radio host/mom Sandra Tsing Loh outlines latest quest

(Newser) - For many urban, middle-class parents, sending kids to public school is a terrifying prospect. If you’re among that fretting class, Sandra Tsing Loh has a message: Chill out. In Mother on Fire: A True Motherf%#$@ Story About Parenting, Loh recounts her own journey through the school conundrum, and realizes... More »

2 Stories