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As Old Stigmas Fade, Interracial Marriage Takes Off

And total percentage of intermarriages more than doubled: study

(Newser) - About 15% of new marriages in 2010 were interracial marriages, a rate that has doubled since 1980, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center. Of all marriages in the US, 8% are now interracial; that's up from 3% three decades prior. The numbers are increasing as... More »

Australian Guy Marries His Dog

He assures wedding guests 'it's not sexual'

(Newser) - Arguably even weirder than the woman who married herself or the man who married his pillow : An Australian man has married his dog. Joseph Guiso wed Honey, a 5-year-old labrador, in Toowoomba this week, the Chronicle reports. Thirty friends and family members attended, and listened to vows (presumably only delivered... More »

Israeli 'Lost Jews' Ad Sparks Outrage

Portrays those assimilated outside Israel as missing

(Newser) - An Israeli outreach group has dumped an ad campaign that sparked controversy by portraying assimilated Diaspora Jews as “lost,” the Jerusalem Post reports. Prominent American Jewish voices slammed the campaign, which many took as a slight to intermarried Jews. An intermarried Israeli critic called it “racist,”... More »

'Jewish Clause' in Will Launches Lawsuits

Can a man disinherit his offspring for marrying outside faith?

(Newser) - A Chicago courtroom is the site of a nasty tangle over a Jewish patriarch’s wishes for his family, the Chicago Tribune reports. A wealthy dentist, upset to discover that a grandson was taking a gentile to the junior prom, left a provision in his will disowning any of his... More »

4 Stories