Boeing 787 Dreamliner

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Boeing Pilots Put a 787 in the Sky, the Hard Way

They trace its silhouette over 22 states

(Newser) - It might have seemed like an erratic flight plan, but the end result showed that the Boeing pilots had a method to their madness. In a test flight of a 787-8, they traced the silhouette of the plane itself into the sky over 22 states, per a company statement . The... More »

Boeing: Dreamliners Need Inspections for Wing Cracks

But issue affects only planes now being built, not those in the sky

(Newser) - A snag in production is causing a big headache for Boeing. The company says it has discovered hairline cracks in the wings of some 787s still being manufactured. Boeing says the issue affects none of the 122 Dreamliners already in service. It has begun inspections of all the 40-plus planes... More »

Latest Dreamliner Hiccup: Toilets Won't Flush

2 Japan Airlines flights turned around

(Newser) - Yet another set of problems has emerged for Boeing's 787 Dreamliner, forcing two Japan Airlines flights to turn around just days after the airline announced a switch to Airbus . On a flight from San Diego to Tokyo, one of two anti-ice systems stopped working, the BBC reports, sending... More »

Boeing 787 Catches Fire Again, Closes London Airport

And yet another forced to make emergency landing

(Newser) - Looks like the Boeing 787's fire issues aren't entirely behind it . A parked Dreamliner, owned by Ethiopian Airlines, caught fire today at Heathrow airport, prompting a suspension of all arrivals and departures to the London airport, the BBC reports. No passengers were aboard, no injuries have been reported,... More »

Dreamliner's New Battery to Get Thumbs Up: Report

Dreamliners could fly again as early as May

(Newser) - The Boeing 787 Dreamliner could soon be flying again as the FAA is poised to announce an end to the plane's three-month grounding, perhaps as early as today, reports the Wall Street Journal . The FAA last month approved Boeing's planned fix to its fire-plagued lithium-ion batteries; it's... More »

Boeing Plans to Redesign Dreamliner's Battery

But regulators likely to be wary this time

(Newser) - Boeing executives will head to Washington today to try to convince the FAA that it has figured out how to make its 787 Dreamliner safe to fly again. The planes have been grounded ever since a fire and other incidents that are believed to have been caused by overheating lithium-ion... More »

You Could Fly Every Day for 122K Years Without Dying

Statistically speaking, it would take 123K years of flying to be in fatal crash

(Newser) - Knock on wood, but the US hasn't seen a fatal commercial jetliner crash in exactly four years —a new record. And no stat encapsulates just how safe flying has become more than this one: A US passenger now has a one in 45-million-flights death risk, which statistically means... More »

Boeing Tries Battery Fix to Get Dreamliners Airborne

FAA allows one 787 to fly for one trip

(Newser) - Boeing is hoping changes to its controversial lithium-ion batteries will get the FAA to lift the grounding order on the 787 Dreamliner, at least until it figures out a longer-term fix, reports the Wall Street Journal . American and Japanese regulators will have to accept Boeing's modifications—and the Journal ... More »

Boeing Investigators: We're Just Stumped

But FAA might let company conduct test flights

(Newser) - Bad news for Boeing: Two months later, investigators are still scratching their heads over those overheating lithium-ion batteries , the Wall Street Journal reports. Their intense investigation, involving the National Transportation Safety Board, Japanese experts, and outreach to the US Navy and Department of Energy, has not added to last month'... More »

Boeing Knew of Dreamliner Battery Woes Before Fire

ANA, JAL had to replace them multiple times

(Newser) - Boeing knew it had a big problem with the lithium-ion batteries in its 787 Dreamliners well before a fire prompted safety inquiries and the worldwide grounding of its prize aircraft , the New York Times reports. Officials at All Nippon Airways, which has the world's largest fleet of 787s, say... More »

Without Answers, 787 Probe Could Stretch Into 'Weeks'

Safety systems 'did not work as intended,' says NTSB official

(Newser) - The bad news keeps coming for Boeing, whose 787 Dreamliner fleet remains grounded—US investigators still don't know what caused the battery fire in a Jan. 7 fire in Boston, reports Reuters . The National Transportation Safety Board says it has found a series of "symptoms" in the battery,... More »

Boeing Battery-Fire Probe Gets Tricky

Two investigations go in different directions

(Newser) - Looks like Boeing has a bigger headache than it expected, the Wall Street Journal reports. The National Transportation Safety Board released a statement yesterday saying that the first 787-airliner fire this month was caused by a battery that "did not exceed its designed voltage"—while Japanese investigators looking... More »

Behind Dreamliner's Woes: Lithium Batteries

Leaks can cause all kinds of damage: experts

(Newser) - Just weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal warned of the dangers of lithium batteries —and lo and behold, the batteries have taken center stage in a string of Boeing 787 mishaps. Leaky batteries are a significant fire risk, as emphasized in a blaze that lasted 40 minutes in Boston... More »

Japan Grounds Dreamliners After Emergency Landing

ANA flight suffers most dramatic 787 problem yet

(Newser) - Almost half the world's fleet of Dreamliners has been grounded after yet another incident, this time involving an emergency landing. All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines announced they were taking the new Boeing aircraft out of service after an ANA flight was forced to land after a smoke alarm... More »

Yet Another Woe for the Dreamliner

Grounded Japan Airlines 787 leaks fuel

(Newser) - Growing pains, or a more serious issue with Boeing's newest aircraft? A fuel leak is being investigated on a Japan Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner, adding to the long list of problems the aircraft has experienced in recent weeks, Bloomberg reports. Yesterday's leak follows problems including another fuel leak... More »

2 More Mishaps Reported With Boeing Dreamliner

Cracked windshield, leaking oil cause canceled flights in Japan

(Newser) - Another day, another handful of reported problems with Boeing's 787 Dreamliner. This time, one jet landed in Japan with a cracked windshield and another developed a sizable oil leak at a different airport in the country, reports Reuters . Neither resulted in any injuries, just canceled flights. Aviation experts chalk... More »

Boeing's Dreamliner Faces Probe After Fire, Brake Scare

NTSB gets nervous after Japan Airways incident

(Newser) - The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is having a really nightmarish week. Air safety officials launched a formal probe into the long-delayed plane yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reports, after a series of safety scares. First, a fire broke out aboard an empty Japan Airlines 787 at Boston's Logan Airport on... More »

Dreamliner Makes Maiden Commercial Flight

25K people sought tickets for first 787 voyage

(Newser) - After years of delays, the aircraft Boeing says is the future of aviation made its first commercial flight today, reports the BBC . The 787 Dreamliner, the first jet largely built from lightweight carbon-composite materials, took off on a chartered flight from Tokyo to Hong Kong for All Nippon Airways, the... More »

Boeing Finally Delivers Dreamliner— Take a Tour

First plane delivered after years of delays

(Newser) - The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is finally taking off—just three years behind schedule. Yesterday, the much-anticipated jet was officially delivered to its first customer, Japan’s All Nippon Airways. With a ceremony planned for today in Everett, Wash., reporters are getting a look at the nifty features that set the... More »

Hey, Obama: Dems Slow Job Growth, Too

Labor agency's action against Boeing is case in point: Joe Nocera

(Newser) - President Obama has been rightly railing against Republicans for blocking job-creation measures, but they're not the only ones. Boeing is ready to start building its 787 Dreamliners partially in a new South Carolina plant, home to 5,000 nonunion workers. But the National Labor Relations Board wants to leave... More »

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