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MSNBC Fires Staffer Over GOP Tweet

Network apologizes for suggesting Republicans would hate biracial ad

(Newser) - Republicans scored an apology today from MSNBC over a tweet that the network later called "unacceptable," reports USA Today . The since-deleted tweet went out last night, with a link to a Cheerios ad featuring a biracial family. "Maybe the rightwing will hate it but everyone else will... More »

MSNBC Boots Pat Buchanan

Conservative blames axing on 'thought police'

(Newser) - Pat Buchanan is leaving MSNBC after a decade, an apparent victim of the network's swing toward the liberal and a backlash against his Suicide of a Superpower book, in which he warns of "the end of white America." Buchanan had been suspended from the network for four... More »

Al Sharpton Poised to Get MSNBC Show

Cenk Uygur leaves network, criticizes brass

(Newser) - The deal isn't official yet, but the New York Times and Los Angeles Times say Al Sharpton is all but certain to get his own show at 6pm EST on MSNBC. It doesn't come without a dose of drama, though. Sharpton won the job over the outspoken Cenk... More »

'Narcissist' Olbermann vs. MSNBC: Inside Their War

He has almost no allies left, and some predict he'll walk

(Newser) - Keith Olbermann's battle with MSNBC is far from over, despite the fact that the network returned him to the air just days after suspending him for making undisclosed political donations . In the Daily Beast , Howard Kurtz takes us inside the tense relations between Olbermann and MSNBC, which have spilled over... More »

MSNBC Tells Olbermann, Scarborough to Cool It

Spat between the two hosts prompts memo from the boss

(Newser) - MSNBC President Phil Griffin wants his big-name hosts to play nice with each other. After another dust-up this week—this time between Joe Scarborough and Keith Olbermann—Griffin sent a memo to staff to say enough already with the infighting. "I want to reiterate my long-standing policy: We do... More »

It's Not Too Late, MSNBC: 'Stay Crazy'

Blogger calls for Matthews, Olbermann to keep their jobs

(Newser) - David Gregory will be the face of MSNBC's election coverage, and the ouster of "loud shouty people" Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews isn't sitting well with at least one viewer. "It's a stupid, stupid idea, for many reasons," Alex Pareene writes on Gawker of NBC Universal's decision.... More »

6 Stories