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Hockey Mom Accused of Sex With Minors on Son's Team

Cops: 44-year-old had sleepover parties

(Newser) - The crime talker of the day: A 44-year-old California woman is accused of having sex and committing "lewd acts" with at least one and possibly three members of her son's youth hockey team, reports the Orange County Register . Kathia Maria Davis, a divorced mother of three, faces charges... More »

Six Key Misconceptions About Women Voters

Top of the list: females not a unified voting bloc

(Newser) - The campaigns are desperate to know what makes women voters tick, but much political thinking is still marred by gross misconceptions about the key group. MSNBC lists the most egregious:
  1. Women are a homogenous voting bloc. Not only do they not share a common geography, attitude or philosophy, but even
... More »

'Wal-Mart Mom' Voters Swing, Will Be Crucial

Shift of working white women to GOP spells trouble for Obama

(Newser) - Polls clearly show the white women's vote swinging away from Barack Obama and it's a particular group the candidate needs to worry about most, Karen Tumulty writes in Time. Soccer moms comprised the key swing group in 1996, and "security moms" did last election, Tumulty notes. This time, it's... More »

Bring Your Own Lipstick: The Hockey Mom Vote

Now that hockey moms are the hot political constituency, a closer look

(Newser) - Sarah Palin describes herself as a “hockey mom,” but in a land of soccer moms and Nascar dads, that's a less familiar life form. The Wall Street Journal looks at the predawn practices, smelly yet pricey equipment, and long-distance travel helping shape a demographic that makes twice the... More »

4 Stories