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Dad-Son Duo Busted in $41K Chicken Wing Caper

Pair pilfered scads of wings from restaurant where they worked: Cops

(Newser) - It's a crime of some passion in Syracuse, just down the road from the birthplace of the Buffalo chicken wing: Father and son Paul Rojek and Joshua Rojek stand accused of pilfering a squawk-worthy $41,000 worth of wings from the restaurant where they worked, and as the Post-Standard... More »

Gasp: Pro Wrestler Caught Cheating at Wing Bowl

It was better than puking, explains Mick Foley, happily

(Newser) - You don't get into the WWE Hall of Fame without learning a trick or two, and Mick Foley tried to employ one at yesterday's Wing Bowl eating contest in Philadelphia, reports the AP . He was disqualified after stuffing uneaten wings into his fanny pack. ( TMZ has images... More »

McDonald's Mighty Wings, Now 40% Off

They're discounted until they're gone

(Newser) - McDonald's Mighty Wings simply didn't fly with customers, and now the chain appears to just want to break even on them. Reports in December predicted that a promotion would be coming, and it's here: Instead of selling the wings at a buck each, McDonald's is now... More »

McDonald's Wings a Mighty Flop

Franchisees complain about the 10M pounds of leftovers

(Newser) - McDonald's " Mighty Wings " didn't exactly take off the way the fast-food chain was hoping. Franchisees are sitting on about 10 million pounds worth of unsold wings, the Wall Street Journal reports, and they're not happy about it. The chain bought 50 million pounds of the... More »

New Wing-Eating Champion Is a 115-Pound Woman

Miki Sudo wins US Professional Wing Eating Champs with 178 wings

(Newser) - Female competitive eaters took first, second, and third place at the this year's US Professional Wing Eating Championship yesterday, consuming a total of 500 chicken wings between them, reports Buffalo News . Taking home the title was Miki Sudo, 28, who downed 178 wings in 12 minutes. She was followed... More »

McDonald's to Start Hawking Chicken Wings

Which could actually disrupt the market

(Newser) - McDonald's is about to make a revolutionary change to its menu: It's going to offer a chicken product that is actually identifiable as a part of a chicken. In short, the fast food giant is introducing chicken wings, Bloomberg reports. The "Mighty Wing" will start showing up... More »

New Record: Kobayashi Scarfs 337 Chicken Wings

In just half an hour

(Newser) - Competitive eating legend Takeru Kobayashi wolfed down 337 chicken wings in half an hour today in Philadelphia, shattering the previous record of 255, set just last year. Some 20,000 spectators turned up for Wing Bowl XX, and Kobayashi took home a $20,000 cash prize, the AP reports. It... More »

'Black Widow' Scarfs 181 Wings to Win Contest

That was just 'an appetizer,' she quips

(Newser) - Sonya Thomas is no chicken when it comes to wings. She managed to wolf down 181 chicken wings—4.9 pounds—in a mere 12 minutes to break the record and win a Buffalo, NY, eating contest. Thomas, 43, of Virginia, went neck and neck with Joey Chestnut, billed as... More »

Soaring Price of Wings Begets Boneless Substitutes

Perplexed eateries switch breast strips for once-cheaper wings

(Newser) - In a sign of a poultry market apocalypse, chicken wings are now more expensive than skinless, boneless chicken breast, because chicken wings are cheaper. Wait, what? Strange but true: thanks to the recession, restaurants are ordering less chicken breast, the New York Times explains, while consumers buy more of the... More »

First-Timer Chomps His Way to Wing Bowl Glory

Super Squibb flies away with prize after munching 203 chicken wingss

(Newser) - Skinny first-timer Jonathan "Super Squibb" Squibb polished off 203 chicken wings and some heavyweight competition to win the 17th Wing Bowl yesterday, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer. Squibb, who beat favorites like 500-pound "Damaging Doug" Canavin, will take home a brand new Mini Cooper and crown of miniature chickens.... More »

Titans QB in Danger? Only If the Wings Were Really Hot

Cops track down 'unreachable' Young, who was watching TV and chowing down

(Newser) - Titans quarterback Vince Young went missing last night in Nashville—sort of. Worried about his "state of mind," coach Jeff Fisher asked the police to be on the lookout for the third-year veteran, who has a sprained left knee. After Young got in touch, it became clear that... More »

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