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Deep Purple's Jon Lord Dead at 71

Classically trained keyboardist left his mark on heavy rock

(Newser) - The rock world is mourning Jon Lord, the former keyboard player with British heavy rock pioneers Deep Purple. Lord, who has died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 71, co-founded the group in 1968 and co-wrote many of its biggest hits, including "Smoke On the Water." Lord'... More »

A Fond Farewell to Caps Lock

Google wisely ditches button on its new notebook, writes Christopher Beam

(Newser) - Good riddance to the Caps Locks key, missing on the keyboard of the new Google Cr-48 notebook computer, writes Christopher Beam in Slate . Caps Lock is "an outdated scourge" from the manual typewriter era, he says, now mostly used by "enraged Internet commenters and the computer-illiterate elderly."... More »

Smartphones Heart QWERTY, Click Off Users

iPhones, Blackberrys ignore alternative keyboard, to enthusiasts' chagrin

(Newser) - Smartphone users are baffled that the the commonly used QWERTY keyboard is dominating their text-typing world. Many would prefer the little-know Dvorak keyboard, which was designed to be easy to use, placing the most common letters on the home row. QWERTY, used on computers, was designed to overcome a technical... More »

Fla. Man Nabbed for Child Porn: My Cat Did It

(Newser) - A Florida man has been arrested on charges of possessing child pornography, but he claims the cat did it, reports WPBF-TV. Keith Griffin told police that his feline companion would habitually mash the keys on his keyboard while he was away from his computer, causing strange things to appear. More... More »

BlackBerry Storm: It's a Dud

Potentially great phone 'inconsistent and confusing:' Pogue

(Newser) - BlackBerry has a knack for simple phone names, and the Storm couldn’t be more spot-on, David Pogue writes in the New York Times. Stormy it is: dark, sodden, and unpredictable. The feature-packed phone is shrouded in a “marathon of frustration”—keys that don't do anything, scrolling that’... More »

Founding Member of Pink Floyd Dead at 65

Wright gave the band its signature moody keyboard sound

(Newser) - Founding Pink Floyd member Richard Wright died today of cancer in London at age 65, the London Times reports. A keyboardist who gave the group its moody, dreamy sound, Wright co-authored many Floyd songs including ones on their masterpiece, Dark Side of the Moon. He left after The Wall in... More »

6 Stories