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It's Comeback Time for Dane Cook

Comedian talks to the 'Hollywood Reporter' about his upcoming tour

(Newser) - In the 2000s, Dane Cook was a sensation. He had Comedy Central and HBO specials, he hosted Saturday Night Live, he got movie roles, he recorded double-platinum comedy albums, he made $20 million per tour. He was "the most successful stand-up [comedian] on the planet." Then things started... More »

Dane Cook Returns to Comedy

Comic talks about grief over his parents' deaths, return to road

(Newser) - Ready or not, world, Dane Cook, standup comedian is back. It's been four years since the controversial comic went on tour. In the middle of that drought, in 2011, he told Amy Kaufman at the LA Times that he'd essentially retired. (Though apparently, he did get on stage... More »

Dane Cook Jokes About Dark Knight Shooting

And then quickly apologizes

(Newser) - Comedian Dane Cook got the is-it-too-soon debate started only a week after the Dark Knight massacre in Colorado. Video obtained by the Daily Caller shows Cook telling a joke at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles: “I know that if none of that would have happened, pretty sure that... More »

Celebs Split on Killer-Whale Killing

Khloe Kardashian has whale-phobia; Dane Cook thinks flu is scarier

(Newser) - Celebs are split on which is more outrageous: that the whale that killed a SeaWorld trainer this week is still alive, or that the whale was a captured and trained to perform in the first place. Reactions from Hollywood, as rounded up by E! :
  • Nick Cannon: “People need to
... More »

Actually, Dane Cook Is Funny

Fellow comedian makes the case for much-maligned superstar

(Newser) - He knows he's branding himself unhip, but Steve Macone isn't backing down on the subject of Dane Cook: "Yes, he is probably more popular than he should be. Yes, there are other comedians equally deserving of fame." But "at this juncture, it's wrong to say, 'Dane Cook... More »

Hollywood's Least Funny Comics

These guys get no respect, and they deserve it

(Newser) - You rarely see Carrot Top or Gallagher anymore, but showbiz is still full of guys who just aren’t funny. Sarah Bell of Newsweek points out the worthiest tomato targets:
  • Larry the Cable Guy: A really, really poor man’s Jeff Foxworthy, minus any actual jokes.
  • Carlos Mencia: Makes a
... More »

LiLo, Sam Back to 'Complicated'

Plus, Pam Anderson is broke, and more

(Newser) - Looks as though Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan are on again—sort of. Ronson updated her Facebook status to “it’s complicated,” Us reports, while Perez Hilton adds LiLo spent a good chunk of yesterday at Sam’s house. Elsewhere:
  • Poor Pamela Anderson “doesn't even have a
... More »

Dane Cook's Bro Busted for Embezzling

Funnyman's brother-manager accused of skimming millions

(Newser) - Comedian Dane Cook's half-brother and manager has been arrested and charged with stealing millions from the entertainer, the Boston Globe reports. On one occasion, Darryl McCauley—who has managed his younger brother's business affairs since the early '90s—forged Cook's signature on a $3 million check and deposited it into... More »

Lakeview Bullies Box Office

Samuel L. Jackson thriller beats Coen brothers for top spot

(Newser) - Samuel L. Jackson thriller Lakeview Terrace debuted at number one over a soft box office weekend, Variety reports. Banking $15.6 million, it ousted Burn After Reading ($11.3 million) and outpaced My Best Friend’s Girl ($8.3 million), Igor ($8 million), and Righteous Kill ($7.7 million). Ricky... More »

How to Make That First-Date Movie Count

Porn, as we learned from Mr. Bickle, is not a good idea

(Newser) - "The difference between marital bliss and a train wreck of a relationship is the difference between Charlie Wilson's War and Saw IV, " writes Peter Hartlaub in the San Francisco Chronicle. There's no overestimating the power of that first-date movie. How to walk the tightrope:
  • Bad isn't bad: Think
... More »

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