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Lego Changes Policy on Using Bricks for Politics

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei can now get his Lego bricks in bulk

(Newser) - Whether it was a genuine change of heart, the #legosforweiwei hashtag, or other public backlash, the Lego Group is now OK sending piles of its famous bricks to the person who's been called "China's most dangerous man." The company had refused to sell in bulk to... More »

New Amazon Competitor Is Like an 'Online Costco'

Boxed was built by 10 people in 90 days with just $1M

(Newser) - Amazon.com has a new competitor to deal with this holiday shopping season—a company built in 90 days with just over $1 million in initial funding. Now six months old, Boxed "is the online Costco," Quartz reports, delivering bulk goods straight to your door within two days... More »

The Costco Effect: Buy Cheap, Spend (and Eat) More

Having more of a good thing around the house can mean less in your wallet

(Newser) - Sure, warehouse stores are cheap: one exec says Costco marks up product at around 10%, compared to 20% at normal supermarkets. But, Neal Templin wonders in the Wall Street Journal, do bulk purchases actually save you money? “When there are more bagels in my refrigerator, I consume more of... More »

3 Stories