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German Cops Seize Pills With a Familiar Look

Yes, those are Trump-themed ecstasy pills

(Newser) - Ich bin ein ecstasy pill. German police made a strange bust over the weekend that resulted in the seizure of 5,000 orange ecstasy pills in the shape of President Trump's head, reports CNN . In case there was any room for disagreement, the name Trump is on the back... More »

Ecstasy Moves Step Closer to Becoming Prescription Drug

FDA approves large-scale trials of drug for those suffering from PTSD

(Newser) - More than 30 years after it was outlawed as a widely abused party drug, researchers are once again using ecstasy to treat people with mental health problems. The FDA gave the green light Tuesday to large-scale trials of the drug, which is the last step before it can be approved... More »

Parents Sue After Daughter Dies at LA Rave

Katie Dix went without medical treatment for a half-hour, the suit alleges

(Newser) - Katie Dix, the Cal State Channel Islands college student who died of an overdose at a rave at the Los Angeles County fairgrounds last August, allegedly went without medical attention for half an hour after collapsing. She'd suffered a cardiac arrest by the time she arrived at the Pomona... More »

Loophole Makes Drug Ecstasy Legal in Ireland

Lawmakers are rushing to fix after court ruling

(Newser) - A court ruling in Ireland has done a strange thing—legalized possession of certain psychoactive drugs such ecstasy, ketamine, and magic mushrooms. But the freedom is expected to last only about a day as lawmakers race to make the drugs illegal again, reports . The rush legislation became necessary... More »

Cops: Wesleyan Students Took Bad Batch of MDMA

2 Wesleyan students in critical condition

(Newser) - A bad batch of MDMA is believed to have caused overdoses that sent 11 students to the hospital, according to police in Middletown, Conn. Police say at least two of the Wesleyan University students are in critical condition after taking the drug—also known as Molly—on Saturday night, reports... More »

Texas Woman Dies After First Dose of Ecstasy

Jessica Hunter's parents warn others against drug

(Newser) - A Texas State student died last month after what friends say was her first experience with the drug Ecstasy. Jessica Hunter , 21, took the drug at the Austin City Limits festival on Oct. 5 and later had a seizure on the sidewalk, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports. She went into... More »

Planet's Heaviest Ecstasy Users: Australians

It takes top spot in UN report, with 3% of population having used it

(Newser) - They're not just drinking Foster's oil cans Down Under. According to the 2014 "World Drug Report" released by the United Nations and cited on Mashable , Australia claims the world’s highest proportion of ecstasy users, with a 3% prevalence rate. It ranks fairly high in other categories,... More »

'Godfather of Ecstasy' Dead at 88

Chemist Sasha Shulgin was a 'psychedelic pioneer'

(Newser) - A chemist named Alexander "Sasha" Shulgin has died at age 88, notes Gawker , and while that might not be a household name, his nickname explains the attention: "godfather of ecstasy." Shulgin didn't invent the drug otherwise known as MDMA, but he "rescued the circa-1912 pharmaceutical... More »

Traffic Stop Leads to College Drug Ring's Collapse

Arizona cop smelled pot, found ecstasy

(Newser) - When a trooper pulled over 20-year-old Andrew Gajkowski in December, the officer was only planning on giving him a ticket for driving solo in the HOV lane. But then he smelled marijuana wafting out of the window, and searched the car. Even then, what he found was unexpected: A bag... More »

Zac Efron's Secret Rehab Stint Was for Cocaine?

Original report said his problem was alcohol

(Newser) - It appears Zac Efron went through rehab for drug abuse and managed to keep it under the radar. It reportedly wasn’t alcohol Efron was in for, but a cocaine addiction. Newsy reports: More »

Cee Lo Accused of Drugging Woman

Singer's lawyer says claim just an extortion attempt

(Newser) - A woman accusing Cee Lo Green of sexual assault claims that the music star drugged her with Ecstasy, and she secretly recorded a conversation in which he admits guilt, reports TMZ . The woman says she went on a date with Cee Lo in July, but woke up hours later naked... More »

Everybody Hates Madonna

Other than 'MDNA' release, singer hasn't had greatest week

(Newser) - The latest to slam Madonna: electronic musician Paul van Dyk, who calls her "so stupid" in Billboard . "She made the biggest mistake of her career" when she apparently referenced drugs "in front of a crowd of 18-year-olds" at the Ultra Music Festival on Saturday, he says. Madonna,... More »

High IQ Children Grow Up to Be... High

Kids who score well on IQ tests more likely to score drugs as adults

(Newser) - Smartypants kids are much more likely to use all sorts of illegal drugs as teenagers and adults, according to a new study of 8,000 Brits born in 1970. Five-year-olds who scored high IQ scores were more likely to have tried marijuana by age 16, reports the LA Times , and... More »

Ecstasy Can Treat Cancer: Study

Researchers find a way to drastically boost its effectiveness

(Newser) - Could ecstasy cure cancer? The idea suddenly doesn’t seem so farfetched. Researchers at Birmingham University have found a way to boost its cancer-suppressing powers 100-fold, making it a potentially viable treatment for leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma, the Telegraph reports. Ecstasy was already known to fight many white blood cell... More »

Outkast's Big Boi Busted With Ecstasy, Viagra

Border Patrol nabs rapper on cruise ship

(Newser) - Outkast rapper Antwan “Big Boi” Patton was arrested while getting off a cruise ship today in Miami, after border patrol dogs caught him allegedly carrying drugs, law enforcement sources tell TMZ . He was charged with three counts of drug possession and one count of drug paraphernalia possession, all felonies.... More »

Crazed LA Ravers Shut Down Rave Film Premiere

Boisterous crowd torches police cruiser

(Newser) - This rave review didn't work out so well. A mob of ravers got so crazed at the premiere of a rave concert documentary that Los Angeles cops had to shut down the movie premiere—and part of Hollywood Boulevard. Thousands turned out at Grauman's Chinese Theater last night... More »

Teen Who Killed Parents, Partied Blames Devil, Drugs

Tyler Hadley told pal he had taken ecstasy before murders

(Newser) - The Florida teen accused of killing his parents with a hammer before throwing a party told his best friend that he was possessed by the devil and had taken three ecstasy pills before the murder. The friend says Tyler Hadley, 17, confessed to the killings and showed him the bodies... More »

Alcohol Worse Than Heroin

Former Brit drugs chief says findings back aggressive anti-booze campaigns

(Newser) - Alcohol is more dangerous for humans than crack or heroin, according to a surprising assessment by a British drug expert. Professor David Nutt's scoring system ranked alcohol three times more harmful than cocaine or tobacco; ecstasy, mushrooms, and LSD were among the least harmful. The rankings were created based on... More »

Stopping Suicide No Publicity Stunt: T.I.

Rapper slams claims he was trying to look good ahead of court date

(Newser) - After T.I. talked a man threatening suicide out of jumping from a downtown Atlanta building, some are calling the move a publicity stunt—but that couldn’t be further from the truth, the rapper tells CNN . The video he made, which police played to the man and is credited... More »

Drug Use Hits 8-Year High

Marijuana, meth, ecstasy use up, cocaine down

(Newser) - Illegal drug abuse in America has soared to its highest rate in almost a decade, according to a government report which finds marijuana, methamphetamine, and ecstasy use surging, but cocaine declining. Some 21.8 million Americans used illegal drugs last year, a 9% increase from the year before and the... More »

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