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Hong Kong Scraps Pro-China 'Brainwashing' Class

Protesters oppose new education plan

(Newser) - Looks like pro-China "indoctrination" classes have been canceled. After thousands protested in Hong Kong yesterday over a plan to make students learn Chinese patriotism, officials on the semi-independent island scrapped the idea, the Washington Post reports. Many worried that Beijing wanted Hong Kong students to support China's Communist... More »

Dear Top 1%: Payback Is a ...

Richies are going to regret shafting everyone else: Stiglitz

(Newser) - Revolution is raging in the Middle East, in societies that all have one thing in common: 1% or less of their population controls the lion’s share of the wealth. “As we gaze out at the popular fervor in the streets, one question to ask ourselves is this: When... More »

Palin vs. Romney: Class War Looms for GOP

The two seem bound to divide Republicans

(Newser) - Remember how Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton divided Democrats along class and educational lines in the 2008 primary? Well, Republicans are about to provide their own rendition in the run up to 2012, observes Ronald Brownstein of the National Journal . A new Gallup Poll has Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin... More »

GOP Bluebloods Should Stop Bashing Tea Party

Classim isn't helping their case, Glenn Greenwald says

(Newser) - The Republican Old Guard should stop dissing less pedigreed newcomers who share their far-right views, argues Glenn Greenwald on Salon . The radical "commonsense conservatism" espoused by the likes of Sarah Palin and Christine O'Donnell is not much different than the Bush doctrine, yet Karl Rove feels it necessary to... More »

Gates Arrest a 'Battle of Egos'

Don't confuse it with poor blacks' struggle against racism, classism

(Newser) - Racial profiling may have played a role in the arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr., but fellow black scholar Boyce Watkins says there's no reason to feel sorry for Gates. At heart, the scene was likely “a battle of two egos,” Watkins writes in the Grio. “What... More »

Wedding Military Means Divorcing Manhattan

High society is into service, Army wife says, but not armed forces

(Newser) - When her Manhattan colleagues found out Chloe Kamarck was marrying an Army officer, she got a lot of questions: “But why? So he supports the war? Is he a Republican?” This generation is into service—the recession has driven many to the Peace Corps, Teach for America, and the... More »

Colleges Hope to Cash In on Naming Rights for Classes

Hope corporate funds can save programs

(Newser) - With schools hit hard by the recession, some are considering new ways to pull in cash. One idea: corporate sponsorship for classes, Time reports. City College of San Francisco may sell naming rights to 800 classes that might otherwise disappear. College officials have mixed feelings, with some put off but... More »

'Ecobarriers' Wall In Rio's Poor

(Newser) - They’re called “ecobarriers,” but critics say the walls being erected in Rio de Janeiro aren’t there to protect trees. The 10-foot cinderblock walls are supposed to prevent Rio’s favelas, or shantytowns, from expanding into the rainforest, but critics say they’re really a means of... More »

Rent-a-Womb Devotee Now Preggo Herself

Kuczynski angered many with 'elitist' article on her surrogate mom

(Newser) - Alex Kuczynski, the super-rich author of Beauty Junkie, has gotten pregnant, the New York Post reports. The bun pops into the oven at an ironic time—Kucyznski recently drew a hail of jeers for a New York Times Magazine article entitled “Her Body, My Baby,” in which she... More »

Hideously Rich? Rent a Womb!

New York Times writer's chronicle of surrogate motherhood appalls Thomas Frank

(Newser) - In a credit-crunched world, the excesses of the rich no longer seem so cute. But apparently no one mentioned this to ex-New York Times columnist Alex Kuczynski who, after years of writing about billionaires, married one and joined the club. Thomas Frank revisits her recent chronicle of the trials of... More »

What Makes Him Different Makes Him Scary

Obama must overcome the stereotypes that come with his heritage, and success

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s revolutionary candidacy is in trouble, and the very things that make him a breath of fresh air are to blame, James Carroll writes in the Boston Globe. “Race, gender, and class define American identity, but Obama, just by being who he is, directly challenges the core... More »

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