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Navy May Mobilize for Stranded Brits

UK 'exploring all options' for bringing citizens home

(Newser) - With 200,000 Britons stranded abroad by volcanic ash—and an election just weeks away—Britain's government is scrambling to find ways to bring its people home if the travel chaos continues. Government ministers have unveiled an emergency plan that includes using cruise liners, cargo ships, and even the Royal... More »

Brown to Purge Cabinet After Expenses Flap

Scandal-hit ministers face axe as PM plans government overhaul

(Newser) - Gordon Brown has been dropping hints of a major reshuffle and possible constitutional reform as the crisis over British MPs' expenses continues. The Telegraph alleged today that two ministers fiddled with the rules to avoid paying capital gains tax after selling their homes. The PM is said to be preparing... More »

Green Protester Slimes UK Minister

Mandelson pelted with custard as he arrives at environment meeting

(Newser) - An environmental protester threw a cup of green slimy liquid onto one of Britain's most powerful ministers this morning, reports the Times of London. Peter Mandelson, the business secretary, was arriving at a meeting when he was doused with a mix of custard and green food dye. The demonstrator was... More »

UK Minister Rips Starbucks Over Economy Jibe

'How the hell are they doing?' exclaims furious politician

(Newser) - One of Britain's leading politicians laid into an unlikely adversary yesterday: the head of Starbucks. Company chief Howard Schultz said on CNBC that "the UK is in a spiral" and was causing Starbucks considerable grief, prompting business secretary Peter Mandelson to fire back: "Why should I have this... More »

UK Tories Accused of Soliciting Russian Magnate

Party's finance leader denies discussing illegal donation

(Newser) - Britain's Conservative Party is taking heat for allegedly requesting $85,000 from a Russian billionaire and suggesting he skirt UK law by gifting the money through his British firm. The solicitation was firmly denied by the party’s finance spokesman, who confirmed he met with aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska but... More »

Brown Appoints Archrival to Rejoin Cabinet

Blair ally returns to British government in surprise move

(Newser) - Gordon Brown shocked the British political establishment by reappointing one of his long-time enemies to his Cabinet. Peter Mandelson, who with Brown and Tony Blair was an architect of New Labour, will be made a lord and become the new business secretary. The return of Mandelson, currently serving in Brussels... More »

6 Stories