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Here Are the 20 Sexiest Names

As revealed by survey of ... baby name website visitors

(Newser) - If you're looking to attract a mate and your name happens to be Scarlett or Alessandro, you're already in good shape. A new survey—carried out by —finds that those are the sexiest names for females and males, respectively. The rest of the top 10... More »

Guys Just Can't Do Sexy Voices

But it's easy for women: study

(Newser) - The ability to make one's voice sound hot is, apparently, limited to women. At least that's what a new study finds: Researchers in Pennsylvania asked women to "speak as if they were trying to impress someone with whom they were romantically interested." The subjects did it... More »

Top Sexiest Ugly People

(Newser) - There's pretty, and there's ugly, but there's also sexy ugly. Nerve runs down the "sexiest ugly people alive." The top 5, in reverse order:
  • Paul Giamatti: "Somebody's got to say no to firm jaw lines and six-pack abs, and no one does it with Giamatti's panache."
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Halle 'Sexier Now Than I Used to Be'

Esquire 's sexiest woman alive ruminates on the honor

(Newser) - After 20-plus years in Hollywood, Esquire picked 2008—the year of her first baby and, incidentally, not the year she played a bikini-clad Bond girl—to dub Halle Berry the sexiest woman alive. “I'll take it,” writes the 42-year-old actress in an acceptance speech that shares a thing... More »

4 Stories