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French Fight Erupts Over Marauding Wolves

Shepherds want to hunt sheep killers at will

(Newser) - Call it Yellowstone sur Seine. French shepherds are demanding the surging wolf population be culled following increasing sheep deaths by the growing packs of protected canines. Wolves are now roaming the Vosges Mountains on the Alsace-Lorraine border for the first time in 80 years. Some experts predict the wolves could... More »

Court to France: Save the Hamsters or Pay $24M

France not doing enough, faces fines if it doesn't improve

(Newser) - They may be just 10 inches long, but Alsace’s wild hamsters are Great all the same—and France isn’t doing enough to keep them around, the EU’s top court ruled yesterday. If the country doesn't make a better life for the creatures, it faces $24.6... More »

Alsatian Wine Takes Sweet Turn

The French wines have gotten sweeter, and its hard to tell what's in the bottle, writes Asimov

(Newser) - Fifteen years ago, a few Alsatian wines were sweet, and the rest were dry. But "dry Alsace wines have taken a turn to the sweet side, usually without warning to consumers," Eric Asimov writes in the New York Times. The change occurred at both ends of the market:... More »

3 Stories