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China Now Exporting Its Smog to US

Emissions from export industry 'boomerang' back

(Newser) - Outsourcing dirty emissions-producing industries to China hasn't improved America's air as much as some might think, a new study finds. Researchers say some of the rising emissions from the manufacturing of China's exports—many of which go to America—are making their way across the Pacific, sometimes... More »

Soon to Be Made in China: Your Chicken Nuggets

But that won't be on the label...

(Newser) - The US Department of Agriculture quietly announced on Friday that it had approved four Chinese poultry plants to ship processed chicken into the US. It's no wonder it tried to sneak that news onto the eve of a long weekend, notes Bloomberg : China has a dodgy reputation for food... More »

China's Chokehold on Rare Earths Looms Large

Energy Department urges search for other sources of rare earths

(Newser) - China has the US by the throat thanks to its abundant supply of “rare earth” minerals that are needed to produce green products like compact fluorescent light bulbs, electric cars, and wind turbines, the Energy Department said in a report today. China produces 96% of the most crucial types... More »

China Accuses US of Dumping Chicken, Auto Parts

Latest targets: chickens and tires

(Newser) - US-China trade tensions escalated yesterday when Beijing announced it was investigating whether the US dumped auto parts and chicken products onto the Chinese market, the LA Times reports. An expert calls the retaliatory move, which comes days after the White House slapped a 35% import tariff on Chinese tires, "... More »

Obama Slaps Stiff Tariff on Chinese Tires

China threatens retaliation after president moves to protect US tire industry

(Newser) - President Obama has imposed tough new tariffs on the import of Chinese-made tires, the Wall Street Journal reports. The 35% import tariff comes in response to industry complaints that Chinese-made tires are flooding the US, jeopardizing thousands of jobs. China attacked the decision, saying it violated trade rules, and threatened... More »

China's GDP Crawls, But Worst May Be Over

Growth sinks below 'danger line' but experts believe rebound is coming

(Newser) - China's GDP growth fell to its lowest level last quarter since Beijing started keeping records in 1992, the Wall Street Journal reports. The 6.1% growth, however, is in line with forecasts and actually seen as decent news by many economists. Data on loans and industrial growth suggest that the... More »

China's Trouble: Lots of Dollars, Little Sense

Krugman: Beijing knows it's in trouble, remains tied to old ills

(Newser) - China’s recent call for an alternative to the dollar as a reserve currency underlines how much trouble the country is in after years of stockpiling greenbacks, Paul Krugman writes in the New York Times. The Chinese, long unwilling to let the yuan float freely on foreign exchanges, are signaling... More »

China-India Friction Rises Amid Downturn

But tensions persist between two boom economies

(Newser) - With US demand shrinking, China is looking to India to keep its exports buoyant and buy everything from iron ore to stuffed animals. But although China is its largest trading partner, India's not happy: this year it banned toy imports for safety reasons, and the country has lodged a dozen... More »

Honey Packers Fail to Report Tainted Imports

Companies often simply send honey back to importer

(Newser) - US honey packers often don’t tell authorities about imports contaminated with banned antibiotics or other chemicals, and instead simply send the products back, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports after a lengthy investigation. Importers can then get the tainted honey into the American market through another packer, as two Chicago businessmen... More »

China's Q4 Economic Growth Slows

Economy grew by 9% in 2008, down sharply from 13% in 2007

(Newser) - China’s economy expanded at 9% in 2008, in a drastic slowdown marking the first time China has seen single digit growth since 2002, reports the Wall Street Journal. A soft export market and its own housing collapse slowed fourth-quarter growth to just 6.8%, threatening the government’s baseline... More »

Spending Beyond Our Means? It's All China's Fault

The time of the reckoning is here, NYT says

(Newser) - The financial crisis is, in part, a result of the uncomfortably tight economic embrace between the US and China, New York Times reports. China has long fostered an unsustainable credit cycle by keeping its currency artificially cheap and lending massive sums to the US. “Nobody wanted to get off... More »

Plunging Exports Roil Asia

Declining global demand sends shock across the continent.

(Newser) - Asia, the manufacturing powerhouse of the last few decades, is experiencing a plunge in exports unprecedented in modern history, the Washington Post reports. Japan, the world’s second-largest economy, reported yesterday that exports dipped 27% in November, while Thailand’s exports shed 19%, the most in 17 years. Taiwan’s... More »

China's Heavy Industries Steel for Crash

Global downturn freezes country's industrial transformation

(Newser) - The global slowdown is rapidly shutting down China's heavy industries, the New York Times reports. Just months after the government warned that the red-hot economy could lead to runaway inflation, the nation's steel, cement and construction industries now find themselves with a huge excess of capacity—and workers. Growth is... More »

Chinese Automakers Seek US-Style Bailout

Country's carmakers look to Beijing as slowdown puts the brakes on sales

(Newser) - China's automakers are looking to emulate a new Detroit invention—a bailout, the New York Times reports. After years of rapid expansion, the industry has been hit by a sudden slowdown as confidence crashes both home and abroad. Executives are now quietly pressing Beijing for a US-style rescue package to... More »

China Blames Crisis in Latest GDP Slide

Growth at solid 9%, but down for 5th quarter in row as exports shrink

(Newser) - The dragon isn’t sick yet, but it’s definitely catching cold: China’s gross domestic product grew by an enviable 9% in the third quarter, but still failed to match last quarter’s result of 10.1%, the Guardian reports. The data mark the first time China’s GDP... More »

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