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Chris Matthews Reprimanded for Harassing Producer in '99

Accuser was paid package by NBC following investigation

(Newser) - Add another name to the exhaustive list of men in media being accused of harassing behavior at work. On the heels of NBC’s dismissal of Matt Lauer for sexual misconduct, the Daily Caller reports that old dirt has been dug up about Hardball’s Chris Matthews. An MSNBC... More »

Newt Lauds Romney: He's Like Eisenhower

Plus: Gingrich reveals his favorite snake

(Newser) - Sure, during the campaign he wasn't Mitt Romney's biggest fan—but it looks like Newt Gingrich is ready to let bygones be bygones. In an interview with Chris Matthews last night, Gingrich hailed the "organized" and "methodical" Romney for being "a lot like Eisenhower,"... More »

Chris Matthews: 'I Forgot Obama Was Black'

MSNBC host slammed for State of the Union gaffe

(Newser) - Chris Matthews is taking heat for a gaffe on live TV after President Obama's State of the Union address last night. The Hardball host told Keith Olbermann that he "forgot the president was black." The remark came while Matthews was discussing race and the presidency, and the line... More »

Dean and Landrieu Have Health Care Shouting Match

Dean says bill does 'more bad things than good things'

(Newser) - Howard Dean took the gloves off on Hardball yesterday, mixing it up with first Chris Matthews and then Mary Landrieu over the health care bill. Dean defended his desire to kill the bill, declaring that the bill was an insurance industry handout. Matthews vehemently disagreed, accusing Dean of “demagoguery.... More »

Liddy Plays Birther Hardball

(Newser) - Nixon henchman G. Gordon Liddy branded Barack Obama an "illegal alien" on Hardball yesterday, dodging a barrage of evidence and documents cited by Chris Matthews that the US president was born in Hawaii. Liddy insisted that Obama's "invalid" birth certificate couldn't be used to get a passport or... More »

Bachmann Celebrates Obama Win

Hails victory as 'tremendous signal' against racism

(Newser) - The congresswoman who suggested in a national television interview that Barack Obama has anti-American views is changing her tune. Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann tells Politico she’s "extremely grateful that we have an African-American who has won this year," calling Obama’s victory ”a tremendous signal we... More »

What? Did I Say Something Wrong?

GOP yanks Bachmann ad funding in wake of 'anti-American' gaffe

(Newser) - Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann is catching more fallout from her controversial appearance on MSNBC: The National Republican Congressional Committee has pulled media buys made for her campaign, reports the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Bachmann told Hardball host Chris Matthews last week that Barack Obama "may have anti-American views” and... More »

Hitler Donnybrook Rocks Hardball

Matthews not appeased by conservative radio host's history gaps

(Newser) - There's been an outcry from the Dems over President Bush's "appeasement" comments but the shouting was loudest on last night's Hardball, the Huffington Post reports. Radio host Kevin James sang the praises of Bush's remarks comparing Barack Obama's planned outreach to Iran to Nazi appeasement. But after being asked... More »

Study: Viewers Get News From Daily Show... Not

Jokes funny only if audience is already up on current events

(Newser) - Claims that young people get more news from Jon Stewart's Daily Show than from traditional sources are bunk, a journalism think-tank has concluded after examining a year's worth of episodes. The Project for Excellence in Journalism found that while the comedy show had much of the same content as new... More »

Elizabeth Edwards Calls Out Coulter

Candidate's wife asks columnist politely to back off the nastiness

(Newser) - Elizabeth Edwards tried to coax conservative hellcat Ann Coulter into toning down the personal attacks on political candidates yesterday, calling in to "Hardball with Chris Matthews" while Coulter was on. Edwards entreated Coulter to cut the character assassination and focus on issues. Coulter shot back that Edwards' call was... More »

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