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Obama Rethinks Bush's Species Protection Rule

Businesses may need to check with feds again before building

(Newser) - President Obama and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar are expected to announce today a review of a controversial, last-minute Bush administration rule on the environment, the Wall Street Journal reports. In December Bush’s Interior Department exempted developers and businesses from usual checks with the Fish and Wildlife Service to see... More »

Obama Blocks Bush 'Midnight Orders'

Weapons, anti-abortion regulations halted

(Newser) - One of President Barack Obama's first acts from the Oval Office was to block the last orders of his predecessor executed in his final days of power, Reuters reports. The White House sent a memo to every federal agency yesterday putting a stop to dozens of so-called "midnight regulations"... More »

Bush Loosens Endangered Species Act

Another midnight ruling refuses protection to threatened animals

(Newser) - The White House incensed environmental groups yesterday by announcing sweeping changes to the Endangered Species Act, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Federal agencies will no longer have to consult with scientists before approving potentially harmful building or logging projects, and the government will not recognize the threat that global warming... More »

Score Card on Late White House Rules Changes

Bush administration pushes through midnight regulations

(Newser) - With the  Bush White House pushing through a raft of last-minute rules, the nonprofit journalism group ProPublica offers a running list, with the status of each:
  • Business-friendly safety regulations would loosen restrictions on exposure to toxic chemicals in the workplace.
  • Local police would get increased surveillance ability.
  • Loaded guns would
... More »

Dems Find End Run Around Late Bush Regs

Clinton-era law gives Congress power to overturn regulations

(Newser) - The Bush White House thought it was pretty clever rushing to get all its so-called midnight regulations finalized by Nov. 1 so they couldn't be immediately overturned by the next president, as many of Bill Clinton's parting gifts were. But congressional Democrats say they've found an obscure Clinton-era law that... More »

5 Stories