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Your Guide to Trump's Economic Speech

He calls for all child-care expenses to be tax-deductible

(Newser) - Donald Trump provided more details of his economic plan on Monday in what was billed as a major speech in Detroit. It's big on tax breaks and critical of government regulation. Some coverage:
  • The basics: Trump called for all child-care expenses to be tax-deductible. He also wants to abolish
... More »

'Mystery Woman' Leads the US Economy

Fed Chief Janet Yellen hasn't revealed strong policy leanings—yet

(Newser) - Just what is percolating in Janet Yellen's mind? The "diminutive woman with a pixie haircut"—oh, and chief of the US Federal Reserve—has emitted vague policy signals but divulged no clear plan (as Fed chiefs are wont to do), Politico reports. Some see a progressive with... More »

Fed Stimulus' 'Quarterback': It Was a 'Feast for Wall St.'

Former official in charge of first round says it's going to backfire

(Newser) - The Fed's stimulus program known as quantitative easing is a misguided mess bound to backfire that ended up being "a feast for Wall Street" instead of doing anything for Main Street. So writes Andrew Huszar at the Wall Street Journal , but his perspective on QE is unique among... More »

Obama Slams Mitt Romney's 'Extreme' Views

Romney rep counters that Obama is 'not the best America can do'

(Newser) - Days before the GOP convention, President Obama grabbed the political spotlight by attacking Mitt Romney's "extreme positions" in an AP interview. "He has signed up for positions, extreme positions, that are very consistent with positions that a number of House Republicans have taken," Obama said. "... More »

Obama: Romney's Attacks Make Total Sense to Me

President admits he would argue over the economy, too

(Newser) - President Obama doesn't begrudge Mitt Romney's attacks over economic policy—not one bit, CNN reports. In fact, Obama says he would do it himself if he were battling an incumbent president. "If I was in his shoes I would be making the same argument," said Obama... More »

It's Time for the Gold Standard

It will strip establishment of power: Herman Cain

(Newser) - Call for a return to the gold standard, and “the Washington establishment goes ballistic,” writes Herman Cain in the Wall Street Journal . “Gold is kryptonite to big-spending politicians,” because a return to the gold standard would mean the government could no longer manipulate the economy, Cain... More »

Anti-Business? Didn't I Just Bail You People Out?

Obama rips financial- industry critics, refutes 'stereotypes' on Dems

(Newser) - President Obama says anyone calling him “anti-business” has an awfully short memory. “It was just three or four months ago when, at great political expense, we yanked them out of the fire,” he tells BusinessWeek in a lengthy interview. And of Chrysler and General Motors bondholders, “... More »

Voight Takes Obama-Is-Marxist Rant to O'Reilly

Even Bill O'Reilly doesn't agree with all his theories

(Newser) - Just in case you missed Jon Voight's speech at a Republican fundraiser where he accused a “weak” President Obama of thinking “he’s going to bring all the enemies of the world into a little playground where they’ll swing each other back and forth,” the actor... More »

Obama's Economic Policies Skirt Abuse of Power

'Dependency agenda' is corrupt: Will

(Newser) - It’s easy for President Obama to be a bold leader, given his administration's “careless regard for constitutional values” and burgeoning “tincture of lawlessness,” writes George Will in the Washington Post. Obama is pursuing a dependency agenda, he argues, “maximizing the number of people and institutions... More »

Chilly Reception Awaits Obama at Summit

Odds are, summit will be full of awkward moments

(Newser) - President Obama got a warm welcome on his recent Europe trip, but he shouldn't expect the same from Latin America, the Washington Post reports. At the upcoming Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and Tobago, the new president is likely to face some tough questions, and potentially awkward moments, as... More »

GOP Targets Critics With Own Economic Plans

Budget proposals seek to douse 'Party of No' label

(Newser) - “The Party of No” is rejecting that label by introducing alternatives to President Obama’s policies rooted in GOP ideology, Politico reports. The Republican Road to Recovery is a weighty fiscal counterpart to the Democrats’ economic agenda, and marks a new strategy in the minority’s response. Republicans laud... More »

Stimulus Not Big Enough to Save Us: Krugman

Obama's economic policy is falling behind the curve

(Newser) - Pundits are constantly complaining that Barack Obama’s stimulus is too big and too ambitious, but Paul Krugman has a different complaint: It’s too small. Obama’s promise that the bill will create or save 3.5 million jobs by 2010 “looks underwhelming to say the least,”... More »

Biden to Head Middle-Class Task Force

Obama calls it an 'American moment'

(Newser) - President Obama today announced a new task force on the middle class, to be led by none other than onetime "working class kid from Scranton" Joe Biden, the Chicago Tribune reports. “This is a difficult moment,” Obama said, referring in part to the day’s dire GDP... More »

Clinton to Outline Vision for Reinvigorated State

Will speak on Hill as confirmation hearings begin today

(Newser) - Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton marches into her Senate confirmation hearings today armed with sweeping plans to retake the ground State lost to the Defense department under President Bush, the Wall Street Journal reports. Clinton will advocate using “smart power,” a wide variety of economic and social diplomatic... More »

Obama's Cure Not Potent Enough for Economic Ills

Call for bold action on economy followed by plan that falls a long way short

(Newser) - Barack Obama's call for aggressive action on the economy hasn’t been backed up by a plan bold enough to do the job, Paul Krugman writes in the New York Times. Plunging levels of investment and consumer spending will leave a gap of around $2 trillion between what America produces... More »

Volcker to Chair an Economic Recovery Advisory Group

Ex-Fed Chief tapped to advise on topics from wages to recovery

(Newser) - Former Fed chief Paul Volcker will run a new non-partisan White House economic advisory board being crafted by president-elect Barack Obama, reports the Wall Street Journal. The group, to be comprised of independent experts, will give Obama a channel of economic advice that falls outside Washington's traditional bureaucracy. More »

Obama on Economy: My Job Starts Now

Few surprises as president-elect introduces team

(Newser) - When it comes to the economy, Barack Obama says his work begins “right now.” Obama introduced his economic team today; as expected, he designated Timothy Geithner as treasury secretary and Lawrence Summers as director of the National Economic Council. The president-elect said they would begin work immediately on... More »

Obama Stimulus Plan Balloons to $500B

Paulson, too, mulls more aggressive action, tapping bailout funds

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s financial team is constructing a $500 billion stimulus plan that it hopes to rush through Congress early in 2009, the Wall Street Journal reports. Obama would sign the bill, which is far more ambitious than anything discussed during the campaign, almost immediately after his inauguration. “This... More »

Sun Is Setting on Once-Golden Calif.

State's progressive approach, and status as beacon for rest of US, falls prey to politics

(Newser) - California may have once been the land of literal and figurative gold, but recent policies have placed it in an unenviable position, Joel Kotkin writes for the American. The state people once flocked to is now hemorrhaging citizens, he writes, and a myopic focus on environmental issues, and the death... More »

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