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Illinois' GOP Chair Backs Same-Sex Marriage

Says it 'honors the best conservative principles'

(Newser) - Are Republicans changing their tune on gay marriage? Illinois Party Chairman Pat Brady is. He issued a statement yesterday saying that he's throwing his "full support" behind the state's pending marriage equality legislation, saying that it "honors the best conservative principles," the Chicago Sun-Times reports. More »

The Next Michael Steele?

But most think his job's safe for now

(Newser) - CBS is floating a successor for Michael Steele who should make both sides of the aisle equally giddy: One Sarah Palin. Citing "talk in GOP circles," the network's top White House correspondent says, Palin is "the star of the Republican Party. She's the top endorser, top... More »

Steele Fails to Lure Minorities To GOP

Controversy hampers RNC leader's efforts

(Newser) - African-American voters haven't budged an inch in the GOP's direction despite Michael Steele's pledge to win over minority voters, a Washington Post analysis finds. Some 78% of black voters have an unfavorable view of the party, a figure unchanged since Steele became the party's first-ever African-American chairman. Analysts say the... More »

Michael Steele Suggests Racism Fuels His Critics

'Is it because a black man is chairman?'

(Newser) - Michael Steele suggests his race has something to do with the knocks he's taken since becoming chairman of the RNC in an interview with Washingtonian magazine. The interview isn't online yet, but Greg Sargent of Plum Line has an early peek: Steele acknowledges that he can "take things too... More »

Steele Book Tour Has GOP Steamed

RNC chair predicted party won't take back Congress in 2010

(Newser) - GOP lawmakers are so irate over loose-canon Michael Steele's pronouncements on his book tour—including a prediction Monday that Republicans will not win back the House and Senate in 2010—that they had their aides give his aides a dressing down on a conference call Wednesday. “You really just... More »

GOP's Steele Really Might Have a Plan (or He's Nuts)

(Newser) - How can the Republicans get back to being a big-tent majority? “I can’t believe I’m saying this,” writes Eugene Robinson in the Washington Post, but “it should start by paying more attention to the all-too-quotable Michael Steele.” Sure, the party chairman might be crazy,... More »

RNC Chief Sacks Staff; Feds Probe His 2006 Race

Steele accused of misusing 2006 campaign funds

(Newser) - New RNC chief Michael Steele is quickly making headlines, but not exactly of the good-news sort. The Post reports that he's laid off practically all of the RNC staff, a not-too-startling development given the GOP's big election losses, but one that forces him to start from scratch as the party... More »

Steele Will Head RNC

(Newser) - Michael Steele emerged from a grueling contest today to become the first African-American chairman of the Republican National Committee, Politico reports. The six-ballot process, the most drawn-out in years, ended in the rare election of a non-member. “This is awesome,” the former Maryland lieutenant governor said, drawing a... More »

At a Crossroads, Split RNC Has Diverse Choices

Two of 6 candidates are black; may offer needed image change

(Newser) - Having lost the presidency to a Democratic party making new demographic inroads, the GOP faces a revealing choice about whether to elect a black party chairman, reports the New York Times. As Republicans try to rebuild in the wake of the election, two black candidates, in a pool of six,... More »

GOP Hopeful Belonged to Whites-Only Country Club

Katon Dawson, candidate for RNC chair, resigned from SC club this summer

(Newser) - One of the candidates for chairman of the Republican National Committee belonged for more than a decade to a whites-only country club, Greg Sargent notes on Talking Points Memo. Katon Dawson, chairman of South Carolina’s Republican Party, resigned from the club in September as he was preparing to run... More »

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