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Fergie Busted Selling Access to Prince Andrew

Duchess of York filmed taking downpayment for intro to ex

(Newser) - Sarah Ferguson is scrambling to apologize after an undercover tabloid reporter filmed her offering to sell access to Prince Andrew for $723,000. "Look after me and he'll look after you," she told a News of the World staffer pretending to be a business exec. "I can... More »

By the People Has Access, Little Else

Critics split on virtues of Obama doc with little dish

(Newser) - Critics agree the HBO's By the People, a record of the Obama campaign produced by Edward Norton, offers behind-the-scenes access but no real scoops. But what some see as a heartwarming tale of triumph, others find fawning. A sampling:
  • The naivete of the filmmakers shows through for Hank Stuever . "
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Post Not the Only Paper Selling Access

(Newser) - As they wipe the egg off their face, Washington Post executives are probably wondering why they got slammed so badly for selling access to Washington bigwigs and Post reporters at "salons" at the publisher's home. At least two other news organizations—the Wall Street Journal and the Economist—are... More »

Post Cancels Off-the-Record 'Salons'

'Overzealous marketing execs' pushed fliers, paper says

(Newser) - Washington Post publisher Katharine Weymouth today nixed the “salons” aimed to sell lobbyists access to off-the-record gatherings of administration officials, members of Congress, and Post journalists, the paper reports. “This should never have happened," said Weymouth. Fliers advertising the meetings "got out and weren't vetted. They... More »

College May Be Out of Reach for Most US Kids

Middle-class families loans grow to cover rising tuition costs

(Newser) - Rising tuition costs are putting college out of reach for most Americans, a new report shows. Since 1982, college costs have gone up 439%, but median family income only 147%. That has forced the middle class to increasingly fund higher education through loans. For lower-income families—for whom public universities... More »

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