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Workers in Fastest-Growing Jobs Have Trouble Getting By

Personal care, home health industries expected to add 1.2M jobs by 2026, but pay is low

(Newser) - Those hoping to repair bicycles or fight forest fires will have good luck finding work over the next decade, but home health and personal care aides will fare even better, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ' list of America's fastest-growing jobs . The US is expecting 0.7%... More »

18 States Sue to Stop Trump's ObamaCare Cut

Trump boasts about health stocks falling

(Newser) - President Trump's move to axe a major ObamaCare subsidy has been taken to court—and it's probably going to be there for years to come, analysts say. The Democratic attorneys general of 18 states and Washington, DC filed a lawsuit in federal court on Friday, the day after... More »

John Stossel Has Cancer, Laments 'Socialist' Hospital's Customer Service

'Bureaucrats don't care if you sleep'

(Newser) - Fox News host John Stossel has lung cancer. But don't worry, his doctors tell him he'll be fine. No, Stossel has something else on his mind in an opinion piece published Wednesday on Fox News. "I get excellent medical care here. But…I have to say the... More »

Why 90% of Doctors Don't Recommend Their Job

We're seeing a 'war on physicians': Daniela Drake

(Newser) - According to a survey last year , nine of 10 doctors wouldn't recommend their career to others; some 300 doctors commit suicide yearly. All that's not surprising, writes Daniela Drake at the Daily Beast : "Simply put, being a doctor has become a miserable and humiliating undertaking," she... More »

America's Hottest Job Pays $9.70 an Hour

Home health care aides are in high demand, but face many problems

(Newser) - The good news for a struggling economy: One home health aide company plans to hire 45,000 aides this year, which should give you an idea of how quickly the business is growing. The not-so-good news: Average hourly pay for a position as an aide, currently the fastest-growing job in... More »

New on W-2s: Cost of Your Health Plan

Disclosure aimed at raising awareness of costs

(Newser) - The W-2 forms workers are receiving this month contain new information many are likely to find eye-opening: The cost of their employer-sponsored health coverage. ObamaCare requires disclosure of the information, which appears in Box 12 of the standard W-2 form, the New York Times reports. The disclosure, proposed by a... More »

Romney White House Gives Health Insurers Fits

Industry could fave upheaval if he repeals ObamaCare

(Newser) - CEOs of big health insurance companies are surely salivating for a Mitt Romney presidency, right? Not necessarily, the AP reports. Though the insurance industry is no big fan of certain parts of ObamaCare, it has invested tens of millions preparing for it—and it stands to make scads of dollars... More »

Obama, Romney, and the Truth About Health Care

AP runs down a few of their biggest distortions

(Newser) - We're getting a lot of conflicting information about how the health law will shape our future—and unsurprisingly, neither the current inhabitant of the Oval Office nor the man who would replace him is giving us the full picture. The AP parses President Obama and Mitt Romney's biggest... More »

Top Insurer: Law or Not, We'll Keep ObamaCare

UnitedHealthcare to maintain preventive services, other Obama rules

(Newser) - Elements of President Obama's health care law will survive regardless of the Supreme Court's decision. The nation's biggest health insurer, UnitedHealthcare—which covers some 9 million people—plans to maintain several sections of the law's "Patient's Bill of Rights": It will continue to offer... More »

Health-Care Firms Paid Gingrich's Think Tank $37M

...and some of its policy advice echoed ObamaCare

(Newser) - More consulting trouble for Newt. Since 2003, a Gingrich-founded think tank has pulled in at least $37 million from the health-care industry—and has called for an insurance mandate reminiscent of President Obama’s. Wellpoint, Blue Cross Blue Shield, AstraZeneca, and other members of the Center for Health Transformation paid... More »

Bastards! Health 'Reform' Isn't Worthy of Name

Dems should be ashamed of bill, but pass the damn thing

(Newser) - The Democrats should hurry up and pass their sorry excuse for a health bill, but they should stop calling it "health care reform," writes Michael Moore. The president and Democratic leaders should apologize to the American people for coming up with a bill that leaves 12 million people... More »

3 Big Myths About Health Care Reform

Don't be taken in by misinformation, warns Paul Krugman

(Newser) - Health care reform has made a miraculous comeback but its opponents are going to try to hoodwink the public with misinformation and lies down the home stretch, writes Paul Krugman. He outlines "three big myths" about reform in the New York Times .
  • "The government is grabbing control of
... More »

Health Summit Bares Hopeless Chasm

Compromise looking more distant than ever

(Newser) - President Obama's health care summit left pundits from across the spectrum feeling more pessimistic than ever about the chances of crafting a bipartisan agreement on reform.
  • "It was a talking-point festival," writes Peggy Noonan at the Wall Street Journal. The Republicans put forth seemingly unconnected statements, and the
... More »

GOP to Push Gradual, Market-Based Health Reform

Party will offer clear alternatives at summit with Obama

(Newser) - Congressional Republicans will likely bring a well-developed alternative road map to health care reform to their summit with President Obama, based on an examination of past actions. The GOP favors a far more market-oriented and less comprehensive approach to reform, according to a New York Times analysis of bills the... More »

Indexes Hit 2009 Highs; Dow Closes Up 54

Jobless numbers, metals sector spark wide rally

(Newser) - The major stock exchanges hit highs for the year today as traders reacted positively to news that new jobless claims grew less than projected. Health care was the only sector showing broad losses, a reaction to the Senate's passage of the health care bill, the Wall Street Journal reports.
  • The
... More »

Health Bill Fiendishly Hard to Call

Lack of fundamental reform makes it a narrow no for Brooks

(Newser) - David Brooks would vote no if he were a senator deciding on the health care bill today. But he admits that the pros and cons are so finely balanced that he flip-flops from week to week. The bill should be supported because it takes the deficit seriously, will provide insurance... More »

Dems, Not GOP, Are Party of Big Business

Anti-free market reform is the only thing keeping fat cats alive

(Newser) - The idea that the GOP is the “party of big business” is a convenient fabrication, Jonah Goldberg writes, that handily deflects blame from the progressives who have historically been in bed with the fat cats—particularly the health care industry. Just look at GE during the Great Depression, when... More »

Lieberman, Bayh Wives in Bed with Health Biz

Ties to pharma, insurers make filibuster threats suspect

(Newser) - The threats from Sens. Joe Lieberman and Evan Bayh to help filibuster any health reform bill with a public option should come as no surprise to anybody familiar with their family finances, writes Joe Conason. Lieberman's wife Hadassah spent 30 years working in the corporate health sector for pharmaceutical firms... More »

Dems Helped Shape Health Industry Ad Campaign

Meeting raises questions about ties to big business

(Newser) - Aides to President Obama and Max Baucus met with a variety of lobbyists for corporate health care companies on April 15, to help form two industry coalitions and launch a multimillion-dollar ad campaign, Politico has learned. Though both sides insist no quid pro quo was laid out, some participants say... More »

Health Bill Author Baucus Reaps $1.5M From Industry

Finance chairman raked in donations while crafting measure

(Newser) - It's no secret that Capitol Hill is awash in money from the health-care industry but the amounts involved are far larger than many realize, according to a new report from a watchdog group. The Sunlight Foundation found that many senators—especially Montana Democrat Max Baucus, chair of the Senate Finance... More »

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