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Wonder Woman Gets It Right

Gal Gadot wows for DC Comics: critics

(Newser) - When an American pilot falls out of the sky onto an island inhabited by female warriors, an Amazonian princess gets pulled into World War I, convinced she can stop it. It helps that she has badass fighting skills. Oh, and superpowers. Here's what critics are saying about DC Comics'... More »

‘Morning Joe,’ Mika Get Awkward on SNL

Also, a little game the show likes to call 'Where in the World Is Kellyanne Conway?'

(Newser) - The long suspected and newly confirmed romance between Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough went under the Saturday Night Live spotlight, with Kate McKinnon and Alex Moffat poking fun at the pair's awkward sexual tension during the show's Cold Open. As McKinnon needled Moffat about "your Republican party,... More »

Chris Pine Busted for Alleged DUI

Was leaving a wrap party in New Zealand at the time

(Newser) - The latest celebrity to make one wonder, "Why not just take a cab?" is Chris Pine. The Star Trek actor was arrested March 1 on suspicion of driving drunk in New Zealand, sources tell the Hollywood Reporter . All authorities will say is that a 33-year-old American man was stopped.... More »

Critics Mixed on Latest Jack Ryan Flick

Reviews mixed, but mostly it passes

(Newser) - Reviews are mixed for action thriller Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Just the latest actor to play Tom Clancy's popular character, Chris Pine has tough competition in previous Jacks as he uncovers a terrorist plot with Keira Knightley along for the ride. What critics are saying:
  • "When Pine gets
... More »

Star Trek Goes Boldly, Triumphs

JJ Abrams' latest wins over critics, if not Trekkies

(Newser) - Four years after he first thrilled audiences and annoyed hard core Trekkies with Star Trek, JJ Abrams is back with Star Trek Into Darkness, and critics are gushing over it, saying it's even more thrilling—and perhaps even more likely to annoy fans. More »

Unstoppable Delivers a 'Joyride'

It may be forgettable, but it's still a thrill

(Newser) - If you expect nothing more than a wild ride from Unstoppable, you’ll be satisfied: the film won’t make you think, but it’ll keep you entertained, critics say.
  • “Confession: I thought this movie would suck,” writes Peter Travers in Rolling Stone . In fact, “Your head
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Up-and-Coming Hollywood Heartthrobs

The Fug Girls weigh in on the new crop of leading men

(Newser) - Let’s face it: Harrison Ford can only play Indiana Jones for so much longer. Who’s waiting in the wings to succeed him and other Hollywood leading men? The Fug Girls offer up their thoughts, writing for New York :
  • Chris Pine = Harrison Ford: The new Jack Ryan has
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Eastwood Is Top 'Badass'

Kobe Bryant, Chris Pine, Barack Obama make 2009's elite list

(Newser) - GQ has broken this year's Man of the Year honors into several categories. That's why Clint Eastwood is Badass of the Year, Barack Obama is Leader of the Year, and Tom Brady the Comeback of the Year. Click the source link for the full list, and see the photo... More »

Star Gazing: 9 to Watch in '09

Entertainment Weekly picks next year's breakout performers

(Newser) - With next year's big-name film and TV projects (including a new Star Trek and a fresh Tom Hanks movie) featuring some unknowns, Entertainment Weekly lists the rising stars of 2009:
  • Kara DioGuardi, American Idol: The songwriting force behind hits by Pink and Ashlee Simpson will sit at the show's judging
... More »

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