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Battle Plan for War on Superbugs Revealed

But critics say White House effort doesn't address key problem

(Newser) - The Obama administration yesterday revealed a new national strategy to address antibiotic resistance, which kills 23,000 people a year . Some experts are heralding the fact that a president is finally responding to the issue, the New York Times reports. Others, however, say the strategy to improve how antibiotic use... More »

White House Mulls Drastic Action on Climate Change

Geo-engineering could be last resort, Holdren says

(Newser) - Global warming may get to the point where drastic "geo-engineering" measures to cool the earth will be necessary, President Obama’s top science adviser tells the AP. John Holdren said shooting reflective particles into the upper atmosphere to reflect some sunlight is a last resort, but one he's raised... More »

Obama Picks Physicist as Science Adviser

Harvard energy expert to get key role, cheering scientists

(Newser) - Barack Obama will appoint Harvard physicist John P. Holdren as science adviser this weekend, pointing to an expanded role for science in the next administration, the Boston Globe reports. Holdren is versed in energy, climate change, and nuclear proliferation. Coming on the heels of Nobel laureate Steven Chu’s nomination... More »

3 Stories