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Obama Goes Into Campaign Mode with Media

New strategy seeks to use president's face time more wisely

(Newser) - Facing criticism that President Obama isn't connecting with the public, the White House is infusing its communications strategy with some of the discipline and outside-the-box thinking that made Obama's presidential campaign famous. Sensitive about talk that the president was sometimes overexposed last year, the administration will now be more frugal... More »

Axelrod Still Obama's Guardian, Attack Dog

Strategist turned senior adviser enjoys unparalleled access

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s coterie has grown substantially since taking office, but nobody has as much access as David Axelrod, campaign strategist turned special adviser. Though he spends his days fine-tuning every speech, poring over polls, and orchestrating political battles, the New York Times reports, Axelrod is wary of any comparison... More »

Financial PR Firms Walk a Thin Line

(Newser) - An insider trading case has exposed the potentially problematic relationship between PR companies and corporate clients, and it could have dire consequences for at least one firm, Reuters reports. A Lehman Brothers employee is charged with leaking merger information he got from his wife, a partner at the Brunswick Group... More »

3 Stories