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4 Cops Charged in Theft of Suspect's Scarface Statue

Charges against the suspect have been stayed

(Newser) - Four Toronto-area police officers face charges of theft, obstructing police, and perjury after they allegedly stole a "one-of-a-kind" Scarface statue from a suspected drug dealer. Though she said it was "highly likely" Lowell Somerville would've been found guilty of trafficking and heroin possession, a judge stayed charges... More »

Next Up in the Remake Dept: Scarface

Just don't call it a remake...

(Newser) - Say hello to my little friend ... again. Sort of. Universal Pictures is preparing to make (but not remake) a third Scarface, which it says will not be a rehashing of or sequel to either the 1932 or 1983 films, but a new version, reports Deadline . It'll share the same... More »

Kids Do Scarface, Cue Outraged Adults (but Joke's on Them)

Turns out it wasn't actually an ill-advised school play

(Newser) - The latest viral video making the rounds had parents in an uproar: A group of elementary school kids puts on Scarface for their school play, substituting popcorn for cocaine and the word “fudge” for, well, you know. Luckily for the scores of people who were ready to organize, the... More »

World's Priciest Fake Homes

Forbes list features fake mansions from movies, books, and video games

(Newser) - Forbes has put together its first list of the world’s most-expensive fictional homes. Including literature, video games, and Monopoly, the editors had a few ground rules—no castles, and take it easy on the country estates.
  • Xanadu, $135 million: A perfect mountaintop retreat for Citizen Kane, “a tragically
... More »

4 Stories