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5 Astounding Facts About Walmart's Dominance

Only the DOD and China's military employ more people

(Newser) - Walmart "isn't a unicorn, and it's no longer sexy," Quartz asserts. But there's no denying that the No. 1 company on the Fortune 500 list is a retail powerhouse that seems nearly impossible to overtake. Some astonishing details about how it continues to dominate:
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Here's a Study Walmart Is Sure to Hate

Researchers see correlation between stores, hate groups

(Newser) - Researchers have spotted a correlation between the number of Walmarts in a county and the number of local hate groups. Indeed, the number of stores appeared more significant than other area characteristics—unemployment, poor education, and high crime—commonly associated with hate groups. The researchers from Penn State, New Mexico... More »

Costco Fights Washington Liquor Laws

Big-box retailer seeks to cut middleman, boost profits

(Newser) - Costco is out to change the face of alcohol distribution—and, not coincidentally, sell booze at the same steep discount it applies to everything else. It’s starting with a push in its home state of Washington, where the retain giant has pumped $500,000 into a campaign to change... More »

Wal-Mart Wants to Conquer Rest of World Now

Slow domestic demand shifts megastore's focus abroad

(Newser) - Wal-Mart may be quintessentially American, but the chain's focus is becoming increasingly international. With the US consumer listless and purchasing power growing—despite the recession—in many developing countries, Wal-Mart is following demand abroad. Its international division reached $100 billion in sales last year, and the company will soon have... More »

Recession, Competition Imperil Malls

100 shopping centers could be 'dead' by year's end

(Newser) - A half-century-old American standby is ailing as shopping malls around the country struggle to stay afloat, the Wall Street Journal reports. Same-store sales in shopping centers fell 6.5% in the year ending March 31, and the biggest mall operator has seen sales drop 7.3%. Some 100 malls could... More »

Revamped Dollar Stores Cash In on Recession

More food, cleaner aisles lure shoppers

(Newser) - When the recession sent pinched consumers hunting for bargains, dollar stores were ready. Cluttered aisles of cheap treasures have been replaced with stocked fridges and neat rows of mustard and canned beans. Half of US households now shop at dollar stores monthly, and 18% more $100,000-plus households started frequenting... More »

Circuit City Powers Down

Electronics retailer offers one more day of deep discounts

(Newser) - Today is the last day to benefit from the deeply slashed prices at the nation's closing Circuit City stores, NPR reports. Not everyone is pleased with the remaining selection of unwanted laptops and lonely printers, but shoppers are still finding deals, and the soon-to-be jobless employees seem to be doing... More »

Retail Drives Dow Down 122

Bank of America continues fall as government fix remains unclear

(Newser) - The stock market saw losses today as ugly earnings reports and continued uncertainty over the banking sector soured investor confidence, the Wall Street Journal reports. Bank of America, off 10.6%, was that sector’s big casualty; a grim forecast pushed Costco down 6.8%. The Dow fell 121.70... More »

Home Depot Dumps Olympians

Program helped win 95 gold medals

(Newser) - Home Depot is ending the high-profile sponsorship program under which hundreds of US athletes have had the opportunity to chase Olympic gold. The company denied that the slumping economy was behind the decision, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. But a marketing expert said, “In tough times like these, companies are... More »

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