Beijing Zoo

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Mama Panda Crushes Baby

Abandoned twin cub survives

(Newser) - The birth of twin pandas at the Beijing Zoo last week gave way to tragedy when the mother abandoned one and accidentally killed the other. Eight-year-old Yinghua delivered two female cubs, but “twins are rare and all mothers take only the first cub as their own,” the zoo... More »

Zoo Shows Off Its Crocs— Then Roasts Them for You

You can also dine on antelope, hippo at the Beijing Zoo

(Newser) - There's nothing like spending the day at the zoo, marveling at scary crocs, graceful antelope, and springy kangaroo—then heading into its restaurant and munching on them. At least, that's what you can do at the Beijing Zoo, which fills its eatery's menu with some of the same types of... More »

Beijing Bids Adieu to Visiting Pandas

They shift to a Sichuan reserve while their damaged home is rebuilt

(Newser) - Beijing's "Olympic pandas"—which drew 2 million fans during their 10-month stay in the city's zoo—have been returned to Sichuan Province, Xinhua reports. Their original habitat was damaged in last May's earthquake, so the pack of eight will reside in a panda reserve for now. Several will... More »

Panda Bites Beijing Zoo Visitor, Again

Man jumped barrier to Gu Gu's enclosure to retrieve son's toy

(Newser) - Gu Gu the panda has struck again, biting a third visitor at the Beijing zoo. A Chinese tourist went over a 4-foot barrier surrounding the panda's outdoor exercise area yesterday to get a toy dropped by his son; the 240-pound Gu Gu bit his legs and refused to let go... More »

4 Stories